Nachos for dinner on a hot (for us) evening; Fathers Day treats in the afternoon! – 18 June 2017

D & I went out for a long neighborhood workout-walk in the morning. After lunch, R&E showed up with a most wonderful Father’s Day treat. After D painted more on his new studio and I did whatever it was I did (writing this the 24th) and we were hot and tired and already well fed by dinnertime, so we had a quick, easy, relatively light dinner of nachos. Monterey Jack over Costco tortilla chips, La Cascada Salsa Fresca, Mezzetta jarred jalapenos. We had a bottle of a nice, light and friendly Slovenian wine in the fridge, which worked great with dinner. It was a liter bottle, so for fun, we sent two glasses over to R&E. It is only 11% alcohol, too. We tried to buy more, but Wine Mine sold out the day of the tasting. The wine is called “Jarenican”.

Fathers’ Day:

R had made a Fathers’ Day treat, as is his wont, and he and E came over to share with us. The treats were from La Cucina Italiana‘s most recent “Dolci” special edition, which R gobbled up immediately. There is no reason for us to bake, so really we should just give him all the Dolci šŸ™‚ Anyway, these were absolutely sumptuous. They’re chocolate tarts with gooey, scrumptious apricot filling. Amazing!

They also made licorice ice cream, in which I honestly didn’t taste anything I would identify as licorice, but it was excellent.

A couple more pix of these before I get to lunch and breakfast this day:

Rather funky little place setting šŸ™‚

We got to keep this one to split tomorrow šŸ™‚


We got into an “empty the fridge” kick again, and ate up the rest of the panzanella from yesterday and also D got out the vat of Costco goat cheese. It is too unprotected once opened (unlike the logs) so I don’t think we’ll buy this kind again. They used to have Laura Chenel logs, which were great. Now they have Kirkland logs, which I don’t like, and Laura Chenel tubs, which go bad. I think this was the last of the tub, anyway. Had a bit of acetoney taste to it in places, which I tried to avoid. Water crackers were good, though.


I guess this was a slightly novel breakfast šŸ™‚ Fried an egg – not novel – but took a frozen bread packet out and found it had both Morell’s Country Batard and Acme Italian slices in it. Both terrific. Then there was a peach for me to split with D, a banana that wanted eating, and blueberries I hadn’t sampled yet, so I put them all into a bowl and, later, poured a little bit (well, maybe more than a little) of cream over them to complete a luxury breakfast. On my spiffy Tunisian plate from The Spanish Table!



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