Gmish of calabrian sausage, tomatoes, eggplant, and summer squash over rice – 19 June 2017

D wanted to use some of the mound of veggies we got at the farmers’ market Saturday, and suggested we use the last of the Calabrian sausages in the freezer. The previous one was seriously freezer burned 😦 so I insisted on cutting off all the whitened outsides this time, and cooking only the still-red interior of the sausage.

This meant it was “skoodgeled” instead of in little rounds, but that worked quite well. After cooking the sausage thoroughly in a bit of olive oil, I removed it to a plate and dumped out most of the grease in the pan, then added onion, two baby round eggplants, and a round summer squash that D had chopped.

When they were pretty much cooked, I added one tomato he had chopped, and cooked till it was no longer raw, but not at all broken down. We had cooked up some Thai jasmine rice, and served the gmish over that, and it was delicious! Really yummy meal 🙂

I suggested that we have the Armador 2013, an organic wine by Odfjell (Norwegian!) from Valle del Maipo, Chile that our wine guru at The Wine Mine had identified as another “earthy” one, though (obviously) not French this time. Grape apparently Carminere. $12. I opened it an hour or so early and put it into our rolly decanter, which was a good idea. It was a perfectly good wine, but we didn’t love it, and likely won’t get more.

Later, we split the remaining chocolate/apricot tart from Fathers’ Day, and had a scoop of the licorice ice cream on the side. It was fantastic!


D had to go to the dump with stuff from the art coop’s remodel over the weekend, and then to his studio. He suggested when leaving that he stop by Mint Leaf and get us a Banh Mi to split for lunch, and that we could cook up some of the farmers’ market veggies to go along with that. I cut up one of the small eggplants and one of the round summer squashes (already missing from the photo above) and sauteed them in olive oil – separately though in one pan. We added Sriracha to our pork Banh Mi. Love this!


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