Penne with nasturtiums in a cheese/cream sauce; baby bok choi – 20 June 2017

This is a favorite recipe that we have at least once a year, while the volunteer nasturtiums are overrunning the yard. We’re a bit late this year, in fact, as they are already fading with the lack of rain (normal, in June, of course).

The pasta has Italian fontina and parmesan in cream, and shallots cooked with a dried red pepper, with sliced nasturtium petals and leaves stirred in at the end. Recipe for this is pretty well done here, except I didn’t specify dried red pepper, and more casually here, which (also) has some nice pictures of the prep.

This all comes together at the end, so I prepped the bok choi and asked D to babysit it. He cooked in butter, which I mentioned, but he said later he likes it better cooked in olive oil, and I think he’s right. Or a mixture. He gave the stems a bit of a head start b/c they are thicker and take longer to cook.


I really could have handled the veggie, too, since the rest is not that hard, once the cutting is done.

D chose one of our new, somewhat “earthy” house wines from The Wine MIne, a Chateau de Manissy Cotes du Rhone. I believe I put it into the rolly decanter (writing the 26th) but I don’t see a photo of it so maybe not. The new Minervois (St. Jacques d’Albas) is the one I prefer – which is why I stocked up, of course.

I went to the Bowl to get some bread, and decided on an Acme Herb Slab, for variety. It would go well as “sopping bread” for both lunch and dinner, and would be useful in its leftover stages (frozen) as pizzoid things or sandwiches if desired.

Love the sparkly red on the wine label ๐Ÿ™‚


I bought Roquefort – a new brand called “Carles” instead of the usual Societe – at The Cheese Board, and at the Bowl I got some pears and an apple with the idea of making a salad with them, to use some more of the Roquefort.ย  It isn’t obvious that I remembered to include nuts on the salad, but the pear – a Comice – was quite delicious.


In the afternoon, R&E came over to share a most excellent sour cherry pie that E made, when the sour cherries made their one-week-a-year appearance at the Bowl. Crust underneath, crumble on top. They had to clean the very dirty cherries, they said, and pit them, before anything else. I asked for a small slice – just enough to make my mouth happy:We got to keep what was described as two more slices, but we ate half-slices for two desserts instead ๐Ÿ™‚



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