Leftover nasturtium pasta; broccoli – 21 June 2017

When I was making this pasta yesterday I suggested to D that I just make enough for dinner, but he said no, make a whole half recipe and we can have leftovers. I reheated the pasta slowly in a covered saucepan, putting a small bit of milk to almost-cover the bottom of the pan first. I continually turned over the pasta (the bottom cheese/cream sauce melted first) and then mixed a few times after the penne had come apart. This worked pretty well, though it was nohow as good as on the first day. D thought it was still quite good, though. I put this into Mary Grabill (Sign of the Sandpiper) handled, ovenproof bowls that I had preheated only the very littlest bit (forgot till too late), dotted Roquefort onto the top, and broiled very briefly to melt the Roquefort. I also cut up some broccoli, separating florets, peeling what little stem there was, and then steaming the lot 4 minutes, draining the pan, adding butter and reheating the broccoli briefly while tossing with the butter, salt, and pepper.  I defrosted a 3/4″ or so slice of the herb slab from yesterday and we had that for our bread. D brought up a bottle of our new fave, St. Jacques d’Albas Minervois, from The Wine Mine, which was great – except I’m pretty sure this was the night (writing this the 28th) that the first bottle he brought up was corked 😦

Later, we split one of the two pieces of E’s sour cherry pie that E&R left us yesterday after sharing the first of the pie as an afternoon treat. This is a most excellent pie!Lunch:

We had a most excellent omelette! (But this ends the “vegetarian/meatless” portion of our program b/c there was a bit of sausage in the leftover topping.) We based the sauce on the leftover “gmish” that we had over rice a few days ago, that had Calabrian sausage, tomatoes, eggplant, and zucchini in it. There was very little of it, so I cut up an additional tomato and added it in – I think we started by cooking up a bit of additional onion, too. Anyway, D found two eggs in the upper egg carton and let that tell him to use two eggs in the omelette, along with salt and pepper and a bit of milk. I see some green.. scallions? Probably parsley. D grated some parmaggiano, which he added after the first flip of the omelette, and then he folded that so it was in the center and topped with the sauce. It was really outstanding! I had defrosted some slices of Acme Sweet Batard that D had designated “sopping bread” b/c the holes made that part of the loaf less than ideal for sandwiches (but perfectly fine for toast) and I toasted them up and buttered them. This was a real luxury lunch! So I’m putting up two pictures of it 🙂



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