Grilled chicken thighs; grilled nopales; leftover rice with onions and parsley – 22 June 2017

D wanted to grill up another paddle from the three-pak of nopales I bought last week at the Bowl. What meat would you want to go with it, he asked. Beef, I thought, but there is no beef in the freezer that I know of, so he suggested chicken and I said ok, thighs. We had one packet left from a probably early-2016 Costco run, and

I defrosted that and left it in the fridge for D. He did all the rest. He cooked some red onion in olive oil and added the leftover rice and parsley. He added Worcestershire sauce, cumin, minced garlic, and mustard seeds to the defrosted chicken, and grilled on our range grill. He added one nopales paddle. He brushed it with vegetable oil, salted and peppered it, and grilled on high for 8 or 10 minutes total.

D brought up a 2008 Brutocao cab we got ages ago at Grocery Outlet – he prefers the zin, but I thought this was perfectly good – enjoyed it for sure.

That’s it!


We had nachos for lunch, and I’ve taken enough pictures of lunch nachos so I didn’t need another, but something like 4pm D came in with plates and divided up the rest of the excellent sour cherry pie E made a couple days ago. What a treat!

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