Potluck at the art coop – 23 June 2017

There was a potluck at the coop where D&R’s work is shown, to celebrate their new display boxes and front desk, which both D&R helped with last weekend. I went to Cheese Board and bought a pizza (party cut!), for which this description was online:

Fresh corn, red onion, mozzarella and Valbreso feta cheese, cilantro, avocado-cilantro sauce on top

It was great, and was also well-received. We also brought a bottle of Rioja. I suggested the Equia 2007, but D brought up a Kirkland Rioja instead – not sure why. It was really good, anyway. Had a tiny glass (the waxed paper cups were teensy) of the cab at the start, but didn’t like it. There was an excellent broccoli salad with bread chunks and balsamic vinegar (and other stuff) that impressed a lot of people. Not a big potluck, all told, but good food, good conversation, and good craft work to enjoy. And good display boxes.


We have three avocados what ripened up at the same time (of the six from the Costco bag). We skipped chicken sandwiches today to eat up one of the avos, which was in excellent shape. Turns out I forgot (well, it wasn’t on the slate board list) to but salsa at the Bowl, but D pointed out we could have our La Victoria mild green sauce. Which was almost gone too – totally gone by the end of lunch. But what we had was really good. We’re going to try a different kind of salsa for a change – La Cascada Salsa Fresca is so good we pretty much never buy anything else, but I remember some others that we used to like.

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