“Poblano quiche”; panzanella – 24 June 2017

We had half a cup of whipping cream to use up, and I suggested this dish – which we call “poblano quiche” despite its lack of a crust – and D thought that would be great. Amidst all the grilling for lunch, I added in the poblano to the grill, as described below. I set aside perhaps 1/3 of the peeled, seeded pepper for later use, and cut the rest into chunks 1 cm or so on a side. I grated 1 oz of Monterey Jack into each of two ramekins/casuelitas (these are 4″ in diameter), and topped with the pepper chunks. I measured the 1/2 cup cream in a 2 cup glass measuring cup, then broke two eggs into it and added 1/4 tsp salt and whisked to blend completely, then poured the liquid over the cheese and peppers. Meanwhile I had boiled up some water, which I poured around the ramekins in their baking dish. These cooked about 35 minutes (I checked at 30) at 350 degrees. They are SO tasty!

I decided to whip up a small version of panzanella when I noticed, several days ago (first panzanella, actually) that there were two pieces of defrosted bread that D had neither included in the panzanella nor given to us to eat with dinner. These pieces constituted about a half of a sandwich roll, I think from Bread Workshop, that had been previously left over for some reason, and frozen. After a day or two, I had cut this bread into large dice and left these out to dry thoroughly, and this is the bread I used. I toasted it for a couple of minutes at 400 in our toaster oven, basically watching to see when it started to get golden spots. It was probably about 1 1/2 cups of bread dice, total. More than 1 cup, less than two.

Acme Sweet Batard – my request for today’s meals.

At lunchtime, I cooked up two long (10″?) Japanese eggplants that really wanted eating – we bought them at the farmers’ market a week ago, ostensibly for a panzanella, but then D wanted to make a more classic one, so there they sat, getting worrisomely soft. This afternoon, I cut each of them into four lengthwise slices, perhaps 1/4 to 1/3 inch thick, brushed them with olive oil, salted and peppered both sides, and grilled over medium heat on our range grill until they seemed done to me. Several minutes on a side, IIRC. One of these eggplants I sliced into long strips, then cut crosswise into chunks for the panzanella. The other we had for lunch. I ended up slicing tiny bits off several teensy Odoriko tomatoes from the Bowl to taste them, passing each one (including one that was entirely soft) and cutting them up and adding them to the bread and eggplant chunks. It looked like not enough tomato, so I cut up half, then the rest, too, of one of the remaining two “stem-on” tomatoes from the Bowl. None of these actually tastes like a tomato, so we can only imagine how good this will be in August. I made a dressing, starting with half, then realizing I should make more, based more or less on the Weber recipe for this salad. 2 Tbsp olive oil, 2 tsp balsamic vinegar, one tiny clove or garlic, minced, 1/4 tsp dried oregano (made the dressing more than an hour in advance so this could rehydrate) ** salt and several grinds of pepper. I remembered the missing basil late in the process, and D volunteered to get a couple of leaves from our healthy plant out back. Four leaves, that is, and I stemmed them and cut into a chiffonade b/c I thought I should. Mixed it in.

I started the grilling episode by putting my poblano on the grill. I let it cook on three sides, then finally the top, for a decreasing number of minutes per side, then encased it in a heat-proof container for quite awhile [minimum=15 minutes – far exceeded that] then peeled and seeded it, set perhaps 1/3 of it aside for a future meal and cut the rest into chunks.

D brought up a “tester” wine we’d gotten at Wine Mine, a Spanish red called “16” from Valencia. On the back it says “Celler del Roure / Setze Gallets – 2011”. I thought it was really good, and for $11, it seems to me as though we should go ahead and buy a couple more.

Lunch: [This ends the “meatless/vegetarian” part of our program…]

Already talked about grilling the eggplant. I also split one of our three remaining spring onions, brushed with oil, salted and peppered, and broiled on medium several minutes on a side till done. Same with the last paddle of the nopales. These, with one of the Japanese eggplants, were the veggies for lunch. We also split a chicken sandwich, made with leftover grilled chicken from the 22nd, on the new Acme Sweet Batard D went and bought while I was grilling (see photo in the Dinner section, where I had too much text…), with romaine and mayonnaise on it. Delicious sandwich! We have a couple hunks of chicken still left. The sandwich was the best part, but overall it was an excellent lunch.

Chicken coated with Worcestershire sauce, mustard seeds (which you can see in the picture), minced garlic, salt and pepper, and grilled. Leftovers make just about anything 🙂

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