Leftover chicken with leftover leftover rice; zucchini – 25 June 2017

Using up leftovers – D took the second (of three) leftover pieces of grilled chicken thigh and cut it up, and added to the already-leftover-once rice with onions and herbs (parsley I think). He started by cooking some chopped red onion in olive oil, then mixed in the chicken and rice to heat them. Meanwhile, I cut the last of the spherical zucchini – this must have its own name, no? – in half lengthwise, then crosswise into thin slices, and sauteed in olive oil with salt, a little bit of pepper, and a lot of dried dill.

We had a wine that D bought as a tester at Wine Mine, and we both liked it quite well. Not an “instant wow” like the early Nobilo, but still, worth buying more. Also, cool label 🙂 It’s a Spanish white, Rueda region, Rey Santo Verdejo (2016). $10.


We were about to have lunch when D found a text asking where he was – was supposed to be at the art coop a half hour earlier! Oops. He was partway through making a cheddar cheese sandwich for us to split, on the two slices of Acme Sweet Batard I had defrosted. He added mayonnaise and Berkeley Bowl seedy mustard and some romaine. (He noted later that he’d forgotten he was going to add tomato slices from the last of the “red and moist but that’s about it” stemmed tomatoes I bought a week or so ago. So that’s still on the windowsill.) Had a Clausen dill pickle and the rest of last night’s panzanella, which was always in the plan. Fortunately, a quick and easy lunch!

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