Sandwich with leftover chicken; boiled potatoes; baby bok choi – 26 June 2017

This was how we decided to use up the last of the chicken thighs that D grilled a few nights ago. We defrosted three slices of Acme Sweet Batard, to make 1 1/2 sandwiches, and then D realized that there was more chicken than he thought, so I warmed a fourth slice in the toaster oven to defrost it. He made the sandwiches, with just chicken – sliced, salted and peppered – romaine, and mayonnaise.  He also peeled and boiled up a couple of Yukon Gold potatoes that I had left on the counter, so they got a bit green. Green parts of potatoes are not good to eat, which is why he peeled them instead of just scrubbing. He just salted, peppered, and buttered them. We also had 1 1/2 bunches of the baby bok choi we got at the farmers’ market on Saturday, sauteed in oil with salt and pepper.

D found this Corbieres to check out at The Wine Mine, and it was pretty good, but didn’t have the “Corbiery” taste that we loved so much when we were there many years ago. The wine is by Gerard Bertrand, and we’ve had several others of theirs, but I don’t think any was a knockout. Bottle says “Grenache/Syrah/Mourvedre.”  $11.50. It did like being aired in the rolly decanter.


We had another good Costco avocado, and made nachos again. I suggested to D when he went shopping that we try a different salsa, mentioning that we’d used Casa Chiccas at some point, and he bought their mild salsa instead of La Cascada’s Salsa Fresca this time. It’s fine, but not nearly as good as the fresh salsa from LC. Good lunch, though.

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