Crackers and cheese; broccoli rabe – 29 June 2017

Filling this one in from photos on the 11th of July, b/c I made a big mistake on the marinated peppers (lunch) and have finally figured out what was wrong.

We were out of bread, and for some reason I don’t recall decided not to buy any, but instead to have a simple dinner of crackers and cheese. Pretty sure I went to the Bowl and bought some crackers, and one of the cheeses we had for dinner (and another that we had later for sandwiches). And also broccoli rabe.

I washed up the broccoli rabe leaves and we just blanched them for a couple of minutes and added butter and salt. I found them bitter, and we decided I’d use most of the rest in a pizza (which we’d seen Arizmendi do) with some sausage from the freezer. I note that, for this dinner, D also got out some Picholine, Nicoise, and Gaeta olives. As he would.

The cheese I bought for this meal was a Holland Goat Gouda, which was out for tasting with some interesting-sounding crackers. I liked the cheese and picked some up, and decided why not add the crackers, too. They are called “Three Seed Crackers” and are made by Urban Oven. They are substantial and tasty. They worked very well with the goat gouda. I guess one reason for this meal was to eat up the Humboldt Fog and Cambozola that we held onto too long after our Costco trip. I had to peel the Fog to remove a bad-tasting outer layer, but the Cambozola was fine. We had these with the last of a box of Toasted Sesame Seed Water Crackers by Monet. We also liked these, though they are less unusual than the Urban Oven ones. When we ran out of the Monets (which had been previously opened) we go tout a new box of Water Wheel All Natural Original Wafer-Thin Crackers, which turned out to be excellent with the Cambozola.

Experiments galore – D had brought up (earlier or the day before) a white wine about which I was skeptical. I’d sort of been avoiding it, to tell the truth. I bought two bottles ad Grocery Outlet long ago, based on an online review, and unfortunately thought the first one was pretty icky. So I just avoided thinking about this other bottle. So I told D that, and we decided he’d bring up a backup, and if this as undrinkable, we’d have the other one and cook with this or something. But it was just fine! Nothing to write home about, but perfectly drinkable wine, even after it had sat long beyond its purchase at GroceOut.

Later we had a tiny slice of the Meyer-lemon pi ( 🙂 ) that R had made for Tau Day. Got out Grandma H’s china for the occasion, b/c … why not?


So, I had to roast a red pepper for my pizza on the 28th, and decided to revisit the marinated peppers I made for my concert-parking-lot meal on the 6th. Once the peppers were roasted, I cut up most of one (they were monsters) for the pizza and marinated the rest, cut into half-length strips perhaps 1/2″ to 3/4″ wide. I made an error with the salt, having misread, and then posted with the error,  the hand-written recipe I had created for my dinner on the 6th. So I read the online (6th, now corrected) version of the recipe, multiplied by 6 (1/2 pepper to three peppers) and came up with 1 Tbsp salt. Looked like too much, but the other version was great, so who was I to question. Answer: a good cook, who should have known that instinct was right and the recipe was wrong. Anyway, I used some of these peppers, without tasting them (ack!) on a split, defrosted herb slab (Acme), which I toasted slightly on the inside, and topped with mozzarella, and broiled to melt the cheese.

The oversaltedness of the red pepper was muted by the rest of the stuff, so it wasn’t a disaster, anyway. What I had done was read (apparently) either the measurement for the whole recipe’s worth of salt (1/2 tsp) and recorded it as part of the 1/6 recipe on the 6th, or else used the measurement for the balsamic vinegar instead. Which I finally worked out when I rediscovered the original, hand-jotted recipe that was based on one from Christinascucina, with the addition of balsamic vinegar. Anyway, HERE IS THE RIGHT VERSION for three red peppers (or equivalent – this was two mega-peppers but same as three).

3 red peppers, roasted, skinned, and deseeded (see Christinascucina link above for this)
1 averagey clove of garlic, minced
3 Tbsp EVOO
1/2 tsp Kosher or sea salt
1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar

Mix the marinade, skoodge the peppers around in it to coat thoroughly, and refrigerate.

[In addition, I see we had the leftover cucumber salad from the takeout meal from Anchalee.]


Ah, more pi 🙂 D decided in the middle of the morning that we needed to have a piece of the Meyer-lemon pie from R, so here’s the picture from that hour. LOL! Just the nice plain white dishes for this one.



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