Fettucine with Calabrian sausage and porcini in a (defrosted) fresh-tomato sauce – 30 June 2017

D made up a good pasta sauce. He wanted to use the last of the Calabrian sausages from Christopher Lee, and I was not pleased with the freezer burn on the other one, so I carefully cut away all the whitened parts of this one and gave him the good-looking (and good-smelling. And good-tasting – after cooking of course) bits – not a lot more than half the original sausage, I think. Anyway, he cooked this, plus onions and garlic, newly-bought porcini from the Bowl, a bunch of I think oregano from the garden (yeah – looks like oregano flowers over the top in the photo), and a 2/3 cup vat of frozen fresh tomato sauce from the freezer. It was really good. He used pasta I bought on a whim a couple of Costco-trips ago – it’s fettucine, dried into little birds’ nests of either yellow or green – plain egg pasta or with spinach added – which you just drop into boiling water, about 2 nests (each about 1 oz) per serving. [And when I get 23 May of this year posted, you can see the bag of pasta there.] What’s cool about this pasta is that it has a nubby surface, which should allow it to hold onto sauce better. I’ve learned by checking carefully that a serving of sauce is more like 1/4 cup, so these year-old (last time there were good tomatoes) 2/3 cup vats are actually too big for two people, and we had leftovers. Good lunch in the future. D bought a loaf of Acme Italian for this meal and lunch.

The wine he chose was an Ormeasco di Parnassio, a Ligurian wine by Durin that we bought on spec at North Berkeley Wines a few months ago. Good, but didn’t adore it or anything. The trumpetvine was cut away from the back fence by D&R b/c it was in the way of where they were working. Don’t worry, D points out – it will grow back. How true!




Here’s another wine shot. I couldn’t decide.

Had the very last bit of R’s Meyer lemon pi (from Tau Day) for dessert. Wonderful pie!







We had a bunch of avocados from Costco that came due at the same time – I think four of the six. Writing this part of the post on 11 July, so not sure but I think this is one of that four. One of us remembered this wonderful lunch dish from D’s Mom – the dressing is called after a friend of hers, and used to remind me, decades back when I remembered it, of Catalina dressing in a bottle. So – top the avocado with cottage cheese, pour dressing over the top. The dressing wants a blender or Cuisinart (I used our small Cuisinart for I think 1/2 recipe) but is basically quite easy except for the washing up 🙂

French Dressing – from VJ via D’s Mom:

1/2 cup sugar – natural or light brown (I used brown)
1/2 cup Chili sauce or catsup (Used the last of E’s lovely summer tomato jam – great!)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp paprika
1 cup Mazola oil (I expect anything unopinionated will do – I used canola)
1/4 cup vinegar (used white)
1 tsp grated onion (just thinly chopped a bit – grating an onion is difficult!)
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Mix in a blender and store in the refrgerator. Shake before using.

Here’s another picture, after I cut the avo in half:


Here’s the bit of R’s Meyer lemon pi that we had after lunch – the second-to-last bit of it!




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