“Three Sisters” grilled vegetable salad with cranberry beans, from Mitsitam – 1 July 2017

Ugh – I should have taken the time to get out a black napkin – those reds are horrible together!

D suddenly got out a couple of cookbooks the other day b/c he wanted to explore some new recipes. One was the Mitsitam Cafe Cookbook from the National Museum of the American Indian. This is the first new recipe he’s cooked, and it was great!

He prepped the components over the course of a day, which worked nicely. He had already opened the fresh cranberry beans by mid-morning, and boiled them with pieces of carrot and onion while we did other things. The recipe calls for 2 cups of the cooked beans. I think it was at lunchtime that he grilled up two small yellow squashes and two zucchini, all halved, as well as (husked) corn on the cob (all, I think, canola oil-brushed). The instructions say to cook the squashes about 10 minutes, and the corn about 5, including all turnings, on high heat.

There were also halved larger-than-cherry tomatoes in yellow and red, 3/4 cup each, used without grilling. The corn was then cut off the cob, and the squashes were cut crosswise into bite-sized pieces, and all the salad ingredients were mixed.

This is a soup bowl!

The only complaint about the recipe is that the dressing makes about a cup, and then the recipe instructs you to use 1/4 of it. That’s really silly. In fact, it ran us out of apple cider vinegar (only 4 years after the bottle was bought!) which was entirely unnecessary. The 4x recipe calls for 6 Tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup honey, 3/4 cup canola oil, and S&P “to taste.”


The recipe does not call for chives, but the photo shows chopped chives over the top of the salad, so D added that.

D decided this would go well with a rose, and he chilled down a CalStar 2016 Rose of Pinot Meunier. It was an excellent choice! This bottle was a birthday gift to D from the winemaker 🙂

D&R are removing some of the trumpetvine from the back fence, and D brought in a branch, which makes a lovely table addition, but it’s hard to keep in water b/c the stem is straight. It really wants to hang upside down!



We had some “baby Swiss” cheese I got at the Bowl when it was out for tasting (and on sale), with tomato slices and romaine. Mayonnaise. Even I probably had Bowl seedy mustard with this sandwich. D recooked the chunks boiled potato left over from two dinners last week, one where they were just potatoes, and the other my pizza with roasted red peppers and tapenade. These were terrific – they’d dried out well and their outsides crisped up nicely in the hot oil. Also a yummy Clausen dill pickle.

D decided we should have a beer, and settled on this Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale, which was wonderful. I’m becoming a beer drinker, amazingly enough. The other possibility was a beer from R&E, which we will have at a near-future meal, I assume.

Canada Day!

R&E brought over some beer with a tad of maple syrup in it, a small glass for each of us, late in the afternoon, so we could celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial in style. Good beer. I can’t say I really tasted the maple, though.


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