Burrata at 86 feet instead of 37,000 – 2 July 2017

When I figured out how to marinate roasted red peppers to my liking, I decided that I would have to try this combination of goodies at home sometime. This is what I order from Vino Volo at airports when I am about to get on a plane whose most substantial food item is crackers and cheese spread. Vino Volo provides one ball of burrata, marinated peppers or marinated tomatoes, and salady greens of some sort (once baby kale, for ex) and a balsamic reduction. I have never been convinced that the balsamic reduction was the right thing for this dinner, so, even though I had some small bits remaining from a recent flight, we passed that up and I just tossed the baby lettuce mix in a dressing of olive oil, champagne vinegar, salt, and pepper (with D suggesting more salt when he helped by tasting a drop). I tried to remake the red peppers, scaling up 6x b/c I had bought a discount bag of three mega ones (used some for a pizza, and marinated the rest). But they were much, much too salty. No idea why, unless I recorded that original recipe (linked in first sentence) incorrectly. [corrected 170711!] Fortunately, the first of the marinated peppers were used in a sandwich on the 29th, and that masked the problem enough not to ruin the meal. But the next day I took the rest of the peppers and filled their refrigerator container with water, and let them soak, then drained and repeated.

I let the rinsed/osmosed peppers drain for a long time in a colander, then re-added a bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, and dried oregano, and let them remarinate. These, remarkably, ended up about perfect.I also found about a 5″ piece of frozen Acme sourdough baguette, and defrosted that and sliced it, and toasted lightly in our toaster oven, then brushed with olive oil. That’s it.

D decided to try a “Vin de Savoie” that he chose at The Wine Mine b/c it said La Porte on the label – in particular, St-Jean de La Porte. Also says Mondeuse – grape? Anyway, we thought it was fine but not exciting, and for $15, probably not on the re-buy list.

Couldn’t decide which of the main photos I liked better, so here’s the other one.


We left for our trail very late -about 12:30! – so I took a Larabar (cashew and dates) with me and we ate that at the top of the trail. Tasty! Great ingredients list, too – it’s in the parentheses in the first sentence of the paragraph, in its entirety.  So on the way down the hill we decided to have the leftover Three Sisters Salad from last night’s dinner, which required simply moving from refrigerator container to pretty bowl (by the late Mary Grabill, Sign of the Sandpiper, Coconut Grove). It was still delicious the second day.



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