Dinner at Anchalee – 5 July 2017

D knew he might be late working on the studio this evening, b/c he and R were really getting going on the porch walls. He said if he wasn’t ready to cook in time, we could go out to dinner. He was thinking about Pizza Moda b/c it was Wednesday, their night whan all wines are $15, and I mentioned that also Riva Cucina had no-corkage night on Wednesdays. So, those both sounded great, and I went to look at their menus, and both are closed around the 4th of July holiday! So D suggested Anchalee, Mint Leaf, or Paisan. We haven’t had great food at Paisan lately (though one pizza we had there on our first visit was excellent). Anchalee or Mint Leaf… we had no strong basis for deciding, but chose Anchalee this time. Honestly, I was mostly interested in having a nice cold white wine than in dinner 🙂 We ordered one appetizer, one salad (both known favorites) and a main dish we’d never tried, as follows:


Curry Puffs  9
Pastry puff filled w chicken,potato,onion,carrot yellow curry spices\

Salad – a big favorite of ours, which I remembered was in season now:

Corn Salad   9.5
Fresh corn, grounded chicken tossed with roasted coconut meat,
mint,onion & lime dressing.Served over a bed of iceberg lettuce.

Vegetarian menu for the entree: (see top photo)

Tamarind Tofu   11
Crispy tofu topped with tamarind sauce,cilantro and crispy shallot.  Served with steamed broccoli.

This was expertly prepared – the tofu perfectly crispy on the outside, tender in, and the broccoli cooked to perfection – but I’m not convinced its an optimal flavor blend.

Really enjoyed the Clos du Bois Chardonnay (2015). The server provided an ice bucket so we could keep it cold, which was a plus.


R & E had gone to friends’ for the fourth, and came back with extra (amazingly enough) cardamon bars, so we got lucky. Wonderful flavor! This bar is sitting on one of their nifty wooden plates, which tend often to deliver treats to us 🙂






We had an avocado ready to eat, so we made nachos again. We had very little of the Casa Chicas mild salsa left, so we added some of the La Voctoria green sauce, and, D’s suggestion, some of the yellow and red cherry (>) tomatoes he bought for the Mitsitam salad on the 1st. It all worked quite well. Good lunch. After lunch, but not long after, D decided it was time for a small piece of the remaining apple pie, which was still pretty happy despite a night encased in a pie container.











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