Scallion pizza – 1 August 2017

After I made an asparagus pizza and complained I couldn’t taste the asparagus – but it was still good b/c of the scallions – D suggested a scallions-only pizza as a try. So I tried it, and it was good but not great. Wants scallions as a flavor “underlayer” rather than as the only taste, we think. Perhaps some olives? We has other ideas, but don’t recall right now as I am managing to write this on the 15th, believe it or not. I used about 3 cups of scallions – stunning, besutiful long ones from the Berkeley farmers’ market that I bought with the asparagus pizza in mind, but really b/c they were just so beautiful. They were beautiful so I thought of asparagus pizza. I haven’t written that one up yet, either.

I used 3 cups of scallions – whole things, tops and white parts. Also some extra tops left over from the previous pizza that D hadn’t used for salads ‘n’ stuff. These I cooked in olive oil (2 Tbsp) with a couple cloves of garlic, minced. Other than the mounds of scallions and the lack of asparagus, this was really just like the asparagus pizzas I make. I see I don’t have a “setting” picture for this meal for some reason. I probably cooked a veggie with this, but may have been too lazy or too late to do that.

D chose a rose that was already in the fridge, and it was fine. It’s an organic wine called “Ananto” that we got at Wine Mine, made with a “Bobal” grape. Not a typical rose, though at the moment I forget exactly how :(.


Pretty much the only reason I’m putting this in is the stunning, oblique morning light, which struck the bowl just for a moment or two. Grape Nuts, peaches, banana, pecans, and Silk vanilla soy milk, for the record. The glass bowls don’t hurt, either.

Here’s the whole shadow. Amazing moment:




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