Pintxos white bean, manchego, avocado and apple salad – 4 August 2017

I went in to the show in the morning with D&R&E, and came home by bus and BART before the end. Usually I go on for Friday afternoon (bus and BART or ferryboat) but this time I decided to skip the Friday evening food truck event, especially since we all went out lsat night, and there was some possibility I would run in for dinner Saturday, too (didn’t happen – I’m writing this the 16th). So I did get home early enough to make the salad I’d planned for last night but didn’t have time to make. It requires last minute work b/c both the apple and the avocado can fade rapidly after they are diced. So, I toasted pine nuts, got a smallish green apple off our tree, cut up an avocado, juiced some of a lemon, and, notably, had yesterday cooked up cannellini beans and left them in the fridge. The lemon is for a vinaigrette (I prefer regular to Meyer lemons for this dish). I see the first time I made this I put a nasturtium flower in it :). Used a basil top this time. Anyway, it was superb.

I went to Cheese Board to get the manchego as well as other cheeses before they close for holiday next week, and bought a sourdough baguette for dinner while I was there. The baguette is terrific, but not the right taste for this salad. They had City Breads, which is what I should have bought. I had some Kono Marlborough sauvignon blanc with this, which was fine but I’ve had better matches (notably Pomelo, per the linked entry).


I offered to go over to Greens Restaurant to buy some of their take-out food for everybody’s lunch.

I was advised to get two sandwiches and eight containers for the four of us, which must include two corn salads. Greens is the restaurant that made “vegetarian” and “gourmet” not contradictions. I got the two sandwiches whose labels are pictured, plus two Thai-ish noodle salads, a tabbouli, some roasted veggies, a quinoa salad and a lentil salad. The avocado sandwich was not as interesting as the ingredients would suggest, but the Santorini was delicious (and the roll was more interesting, too). I loved the corn salad and the lentil salad. The others were fine, but not dazzling. I had my half-vat of corn, several bites of lentil, and just a taste of each of the others to see what they were like. Then I went off and spent a pile of money on a really original necklace that I am going to have to generate excuses to wear. And went home to my lovely white bean/avo salad.

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