Personal four-cheese pizza; kale from the garden – 5 August 2017

I decided halfway through the day that even if a mass dinner was to be gone to after D&R&E’s show in SF, I would not run in by BART and bus to get there. Two days in a row running into SF were sufficient. Then D&R&E said they’d probably come home anyway, but then changed their minds when they looked at the traffic on 511. They went to Blackwood for dinner and liked it a lot. In any case, D said early on not to plan dinner for him, so I defrosted a pizza dough, divided it into three tiny pieces and refroze two, then made myself a little personal pizza. Finally managing to write this post on the 16th…

I seem to have neglected to take a “setting” picture for this meal. this is as close as I get, I guess.

I used three of the cheeses I bought at Cheese Board before they went on vacation (which actually had not started until close of business this day – but the last day before a week’s vacation is not the time to go to CB). Fontina Valle d’Aosta, provolone (Italian), and gorgonzola dolce, plus our Parmaggiano Reggiano from the fridge (Costco’s).  Also marjoram from the garden, about 2/3 cooked in, rest on top after cooking. Didn’t really measure anything, just grated a pile of the fontina, provolone and parmaggiano. Sliced a bit of onion thin, made garlic oil – probably used about 2 tsp oil or less, and a tiny minced clove of garlic. After pre-baking the crust 1.5 mins, I brushed on the garlic oil, strewed on onions, then the mixed cheeses, topped with tomato slices (salted and peppered them) and dotted on some gorgonzola. Cooked another 5 mins at 500.

I got several tender kale leaves from our backyard plant (one of them – pretty sure this is a volunteer I rescued and transplanted last summer) and cooked them a short while in salted water (I think 4 mins), then drained and tossed back in the pan with butter, salt and pepper. Most excellent veggie!

I had the other half of the Equia Rioja (2007) that I opened on the 1st, which was in a half-bottle in the fridge since then. It survived extremely well – in fact, it might have been better the second time. We have several of these and they want drinking. Tough job – somebody’s got to do it… Probably a bit heavy for the pizza, but really, all in all it was a delicious dinner.


D brought home some of the unfinished containers from Greens Restaurant and left them for me. I also had the rest (perhaps 1/4 to 1/3) of the salad I made for dinner last night. Top row, tabbouleh, my white bean etc salad; bottom row, lentil salad and quinoa salad. Glass of Kono Marlborough sauvignon blanc, defrosted (most likely) end of Morell’s country batard. The lentil salad was good, but the quinoa had suffered being at room temperature too long and ended up being tossed – very sad. We actually ate the tabbouleh for a later lunch. Here’s a better look at the Greens salads:

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