Personal four-cheese pizza, again; yellow beans – 6 August 2017

The last day of the show in SF, so D was gone for most of it (after I ran him up to the truck rental site). Had a great Skype chat with a former student for a letter. Also had good food. Dinner was a rerun of last night. I defrosted one of the two mini-balls of dough from yesterday and made another four-cheese pizza from the Greens recipe. I like just serving these mini-pizzas on a cutting board :).

So, I also had bought some yellow beans at the farmers’ market on Saturday and realized I would not have time to make the salad I wanted them for before they were too old, so I just steamed them up and tossed in the pan with butter, salt and pepper as usual. I steamed them only 3 minutes b/c was going to leave in the pan with butter for awhile, but they were kind of underdone at that timing.

Opened another bottle of the Equia Rioja from Costco, 2007 vintage. I’m writing this the 16th, and know that the second half of the bottle, left in a half-bottle in the fridge, was really great several days later.






I had a sandwich using the Morell’s Country Batard I bought at the farmers’ market on Saturday, cheese (I think it was Danke, but could have been Prima Donna – had both in the fridge), romaine, mayonnaise. I also made one of D’s mini-specialties: chopped (teeny, this time) avocado and diced tomato with a bit of shallot and balsamic vinegar. Delicious! And a Clausen dill pickle 🙂






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