Trying out E’s jarred family pasta sauce – 7 August 2017


E tried out making a large batch of her family’s favorite spaghetti sauce – I think it contains both ground beef and ground pork, along with some sweet-flavored spices – and gave us a quart jar of it. I wanted to try it out, and suggested to D that we have it on these nifty fat noodles I got at Costco awhile back. Some are plain egg noodles and some have spinach in them. D used a combination. It was delicious, but D ended up thinking we were too distracted by the opinionated pasta to dwell on the sauce, so we’re going to have another dinner of this soon with plain spaghetti.

I made a salad of romaine, topped with avocados and Nicoise olives, and sprinkled with a [red wine] vinegar and [olive] oil dressing – my usual. We had some of the Morell’s bread that I bought on the weekend at the farmers’ market.



All of this had a lot to do with the wine – E returned from hosting wine tastings last night with several opened bottles, and offered three of them to us. We used the fullest of these for this dinner, which was why I thought perhaps E’s sauce would be good – the wine (CalStar) was a 2014 Sonoma Coast, Sonoma County Pinot Noir, and a wonderful wine. As usual.





More of the Morell’s Country Batard, with cheese (Danke or Prima Donna?), thin-sliced onions, farmers’ market tomatoes, romaine and mayonnaise. Super good! D’s idea of putting very tthink-sliced onions on these sandwiches is really terrific!

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