Fettucine with tomato/chevre sauce – 17 August 2017

To use up more of the Laura Chenel chevre loaf I bought for a chard pizza awhile back, I decided to make this recipe, using fresh tomatoes (also wanting using) and sage from the back yard. I cooked up a minced clove of garlic and some finely chopped onion in olive oil, then added I think 3 smallish farmers’ market tomatoes, chopped, including their seeds and juice. I also added a large splash of water so this all could cook down long enough for the tomatoes to cook. I added 8 huge sage leaves, with center stems removed (thus halving the leaves) and some salt to taste. Probably pepper (not writing this till the 21st, after the [invisible] eclipse). I cooked the fettucine in salted water I think about 11 minutes (bulk, so no box to tell us how long to cook it) and then mixed with the tomato sauce, and added perhaps 1 1/4″ of chevre log, in glumps, and mixed again. Other than preheating the pasta bowls with pasta water, that’s it. The bread there looks like an Acme Italian Batard. [eta: Naw, the setting picture says it’s gotta be a baguette.]

Last night D brought up a Toscana red called Campo Ceni, Barone Ricasoli, which we got at Grocery Outlet a long time ago and have enjoyed many times since. Probably bought a case possibly two? Anyway, this seems to be our last bottle. Good wine, good buy. Or goodbye, good wine…


Not remembering which day was which bread, unfortunately. This looks like an Acme baguette, most likely a piece from the freezer though. Tat would make sense, with an Italian bought for dinner. [eta: Yeah but no, must have been a baguette bought for lunch and eaten for dinner,r per the setting photo.] Anyway: Prima Donna cheese, tomatoes, mayonnaise, a bit of thin-sliced white onion. Clausen dill on the side. Yummy lunch!


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