Pizza Margherita – 20 August 2017

I suggested we have this pizza b/c I had two more balls of Gustosella buffalo mozz to use, which I bought on spec before the Cheese Board went on their summer break. We used two of the balls in a Caprese salad and I have two more. I defrosted 5 cubes (about 10 Tbsp) of Margherita sauce that I made probably early this year. Last time we found it lacking somewhat, and D thought it just needed more salt, so I added one, and then two, “smidgens” of salt, or a total of about 1/16 tsp salt, and it was pretty good. Still not super, though. Also, I added some of the less beautiful of the basil leaves that I picked, knowing they would not be as pretty on the top of the pizza, and why not? So, I let the cubes defrost in the little saucepan I was going to cook them in, then added the above and cooked them down just a bit. A bit late, I sliced (if you can call it that with such wet cheese) the dough balls and left on a sloping surface to drain.

I defrosted the last of the 1/3-doughs from the freezer, and let it rise in a small bowl in the sun, and it was extremely happy about that. I didn’t re-work it, just turned it out onto the floured bread board and pressed it flat and let it sit under (reused) plastic wrap for a half hour or so, then stretched into final shape. I pricked with a fork, then cooked on the stone for 1′ 30″ at 500, topped with the Margherita sauce, then the sliced cheese, and baked another 5 minutes, rotating about 1/2 way through. Topped with torn or small basil leaves, and that’s it. Once the sauce is made, it’s an awfully easy pizza. This one was way too wet, though, b/c of the very wet cheese. Not sure how to improve that, except perhaps to drain many hours instead of 1/2 hour. Or spread them out so the liquid can escape better.

We rearranged our wines so the “testers,” the ones we bought b/c we – which usually means D – thought they’d be worth a try b/c of provenance and price, were all together and we could find them. This is a tester from Costco this morning. “Le Grand Bouqueteau” Reserve Chinon, 2014, $12.99. It was very good and we would consider buying it again. Needed airing.


I defrosted part of the Semifeddi (I think) baguette I bought for the crostin dinner a couple of days ago, and we split it for sandwiches. Pretty sure (writing the 22nd) that this was Danke cheese from the Bowl, romaine tomato with S&P, thin-sliced onion, mayonnaise – delicious! D cooked up some shishito peppers in olive oil, with salt and I cut up an avocado and a tomato that D made into a mix with some onion or shallot, balsamic vinegar, and a bit of olive oil. What a great lunch!





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