Cold “poblano quiche”; marinated red peppers – 2 Sept 2017

Well, this experiment didn’t work, but it was worth a try I guess. Not awful, just not inviting. Last night I cooked an extra poblano quiche for tonight, wanting to see how it would be when cold. Answer: dense, not at all light and inviting. Did I use too much cheese? Or is this the way all quiches taste the next day, but usually you’re distracted more by the crust? Anyway, it tasted good, but I almost didn’t want all of it, unlike the fresh (warm) version when I am usually disappointed there is so little (same amount, of course).

Anyway, it was a good time to try this b/c I was busy through dinner with my online hosting, so all to the good, and I know not to do this again šŸ™‚ This was also a good day to try this b/c it was scheduled to be the hottest day in years – cold dinner very inviting idea, and not using the stove: priceless!

I went to the Bowl – foolhardy, I know, on a Saturday, especially with its Monday holiday coming up – but I decided I needed a baguette and other stuff (below). The baguette up there is an Acme sweet.

Had the second half-bottle of the 2014 McIlroy Chardonnay, which was in the fridge in a small bottle. Given the heat of the evening, I tucked the half-bottle into ice water (in our pretty little white ceramic bin with pink flowers from D’s late aunt E) so it would stay cold long enough for me to drink it, and I went up to the deck for dinner. This is a rare treat in this climate – usually by dinnertime it is chilly and windy, even in summer. OTOH we don’t even own an air conditioner, which is great.

Lunch has all the pictures!

The bowl really is that asymmetrical – it’s not camera distortion.

I realized that 1) I had a small bit of leftover feta to use up, 2) it was a hideously hot day, 3) I had a way to use up a green pepper later so ok to buy, and 4) a Greek salad would really be a GREAT lunch. So I bought an Acme sweet baguette, some more dry-farmed tomatoes (have to find out the name of the farm) a sweet green pepper, and an English cucumber. salad is tossed in red wine vinaigrette with oregano.

Also decided to try a “Grapefruit Radler” by Stiegl that the Bowl has been featuring by the 15-item checkouts, and had that for lunch. Turned out to be a pretty pleasant drink for a hot day.

Later I had the first half of a white peach that has been in the fridge since it ripened a couple days ago. White peaches aren’t opinionated enough to fight back against Grape Nuts so it’s been languishing, so I ate it as a treat, with some of R&E’s extra cream.


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