Personal four-cheese pizza; salad with avocado and olives and nifty greens – 3 September 2017

I had another personal pizza today, using up some of the cheese that I think I bought before the Cheese Board’s vacation, for the purpose of making this pizza. More than once, clearly, since I think this is actually the 4th one. I didn’t measure cheeses – just grated some parmaggiano (least of this cheese, more of others), Fontina Valle d’Aosta, and provolone (Italian) together. Pizza is garlic oil (about 1 tsp seems to be fine, even with the monster garlic clove I used) on the pre-baked (1.5 min, 500) crust, then thin-sliced (red) onion, mixed cheeses (get most of the marjoram in there), sliced tomatoes (dry farmed ones from the Bowl), marbles or gorgonzola dolce, bake 5 more and top with a bit more fresh marjoram.

I tried to use up all the scrawny, deadish branches of marjoram last time I used it, so this time we’re down (up) to the fresh new ones. This is how much marjoram I used.

Still using up Costco avocados – the last two have been in the fridge for a few days awaiting their turn. I used one today, half for this salad and half for lunch (below). The salad had a base of R&E’s extra romaine, then some new arugula I bought at the Bowl, which is closed Monday and so had all 18 registers open late today, thank you Bowl. Painless. [Also bought a banana and some pre-packaged prosciutto – the deli waiting list did not look painless.] I used some of the last of the purslane/portulaca leaves, leaving some for tomorrow lunch, and several Nicoise olives, halved, then topped with the second half of today’s avocado, in bite-sized pieces. I used a simple red wine vinaigrette. This was less interesting than it sounds, and honestly I could not really taste the portulaca or the arugula. May as well have left them out.

Had the second half of the Costco Kirkland Rioja I opened last time I had this pizza, which has been in the fridge since, in a closed half-bottle. Still good. I took it out perhaps a half hour before dinner, it being a seriously warm evening.

Later, I used up some of the last of R&E’s extra cream on the second half of my white peach. I should have eaten the peach earlier, but it was still pretty tasty.


Using up avocados and also the salsa (which I bought to help use up avocados…) Costco mega-bag of tortilla chips, Monterey Jack (which I bought to help use up…) broiled carefully, topped with spoon-drained La Cascada Salsa Fresca and heated a bit, then topped with chopped avocado. I didn’t think this showed off the avo all that well for some reason, but basically a good lunch. Had the second an of Steigl Grapefruit Radler that I bought the other day to try out. Pretty nice, refreshing drink.

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