Flatiron steak from Prather Ranch; kale from the garden; boiled and refried Yukon Gold potatoes – 9 September 2017

D&R were at the market again, which was another opportunity to get Prather Ranch beef. D picked up a flatiron steak before they ran out, and cooked that tonight. He sliced garlic and put it on the steak and left it to marinate and come to room temperature. Grilled for a remarkably long time (he thought possibly 15 minutes, but that sounds impossible) and it was still barely pink in the middle – it really was perfectly done. I cut a bunch of bright, sparkly branches off a self-revived kale plant in the garden – with edges like curly parsley –  and boiled 3 or 4 minutes, then drained and reheated briefly in butter with salt and pepper. In the afternoon, I washed up and desprouted all four of the Yukon Gold potatoes in our potato basket and halved them, leaving them in water so their surfaces would not oxidize. While I went to the shower, D cut them into bite-sized pieces and boiled them up in salted water, and then drained thoroughly and refried them. Not sure whether he used butter, oil, or a combination. Everything was really perfect for this meal!

I suggested that with the beef we could have another bottle of Chateau Citran, a Bordeaux (Haut-Medoc) that we found at Costco, having been advised to check there by the proprietor of Castagna, where we found the wine on the menu on the 3rd of August. This bottle was very good, and went about perfectly with the meal.

Has a pretty peacock  on it, too. 🙂





R allowed as how he had wanted to try the jerk chicken sandwiches from Uhuru at the Grand Lake Market, where the guys were showing today, so instead of me getting a pizza on the way in, the guys got two sandwiches, plus a salad version that D requested with the same ingredients, moins bun. I ended up liking the salad better than the sandwich, but both were really good. Chicken some yellow dressingy sauce, some dark sauce, and a lot of very nice, fresh spinach. Tomatoes that were not up to par for this time of year – that would be my only complaint. The guys had some sort of cider – Pink Lady? – but I was about to drive again so just tasted it (good) and had water with lunch. Alas no bottle photo, though. [Lunch written on the day, Dinner on the 17th]

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