Gazpacho – 10 September 2017

Our first gazpacho of the season! Knowing it was supposed to be on the hotter side today (which might mean upper 70s ;)) the other day at the Bowl, I bought a large bottle of Campbell’s tomato juice, which is what we use as a base. I posted this recipe yesterday to the What’s For Dinner group, so can just paste it in, and then it’s permanently there.

For today’s variant, I mentioned to D that one person had suggested adding celery, and D, being a major celery lover, thought that was a great idea. He cut up a stalk of celery to add to the main recipe, and he really liked it. The next day [writing this the 17th] he cut the kernels off an ear of corn and added those to the remaining soup. I didn’t notice the taste of either of them. D loved the celery but thought more would be preferable; he didn’t like the addition of corn. Obviously from the picture, he thought it wanted pepper ground over the top, but he wants pepper on everything. And of course, that was great.

Recipe, from The Victory Garden Cookbook by Marian Morash
(My comments/additions/changed in [ ]s. This is a must-have cookbook!)

4 large, ripe tomatoes
2 ½ cucumbers [We use one long English cuke]
1 large green pepper
10-12 scallions
1-2 cloves garlic [2, of course! or more…]
Salt [I don’t believe we end up adding extra salt outside the 1 tsp in the dressing.]
¼ cup red wine vinegar
1/3 cup olive oil
3 cups tomato juice [We like Campbell’s for this.]
1 — 1 ½ cups water [Recipe says beef broth or water but I see no point in the broth — never use it.]
Hot pepper sauce [1 — 2 splashes Tabasco works for me.]
Worcestershire sauce [2 splashes]
Freshly ground pepper [I have given up measuring pepper.]
Plain croutons [I’ve never added these.]

Quick version:

1) Cut up veggies. 2) Make dressing. 3) Toss veggies with dressing. 4) Stir in juice and add sauces. 5) Chill, serve.

Official version with my comments in [ ]s:

Peel, seed [naw… just cut ‘em up!] and chop in ¼ inch dice the tomatoes and 2 of the cucumbers. Wash and trim pepper and scallions and chop into ¼ inch dice [I just slice the scallions into pretty little rounds — all the way up — white and dark green].

In a mortar, mash garlic with 1 tsp salt. [This is such a great way to convince garlic to mash! Cut into a few pieces first.] Beat in vinegar and oil. Combine this dressing with the chopped vegetables [get them nicely coated] and stir in the tomato juice. Add broth or water to the consistency you prefer. Season with a dash of hot pepper sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper. Chill. Slice ½ cucumber paper-thin. Serve gazpacho in chilled bowls topped with cucumber slices [optional but pretty] and croutons [optional IMO] on the side.

We pulled a small bit of baguette from the freezer to have with this, but D pointed out that the soup deserved better so we would get a fresh baguette for the rest of it.

Had a cheap red wine with the soup, but this was an excellent match b/c it’s a really good wine – Trentatre (“33”) from Trader Joe’s.





D got into a “using stuff up” mode, and we decided on two dishes, both of which were excellent. He made a salad with romaine, tomatoes, carrots, a small bit of leftover green pepper. He found some aioli in the fridge and wondered if it would make a good dressing, if he added some olive oil: answer – yes!

We had both figs and manchego. Manchego is great with crackers and fig jam, so I said let’s try it with the fresh figs, and wow, was that a hit! D also pulled out what was probably the last of some thin water crackers, whose name (now it’s the 17th) escapes me at the moment.

Salads were really pretty when only partway done, too 🙂

LOL! I see the micro-bit of leftover red wine we had for “cooking wine” for lunch – that was the last of the 2008 Brutocao cab I opened while D was away – and that reminds me that we did indeed have wine with lunch, I think the end of the bottle of Kono, Marlborough SB from Trader Joe’s.

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