Another chance for gazpacho; bread & cheese; dinner on the deck – 26 September 2017

It was scheduled to be over 80, even here in the coldest part of the city, so I thought we should take the 3 cups of tomato juice we froze last time and make a second gazpacho from it. Notably, Tuesday is one of the farmers’ markets, so I hoped to get the veggies there. Unfortunately, no green peppers, but of course I got Dirty Girl Produce dry-farmed early girls (also got this bizarre, pointy cabbage and a pretty little chicory), and I was also able to fine red scallions (Blue Heron – also got galisse) and two excellent Japanese cucumbers

This picture more accurately shows the lighting – no porch light, no brightness pushing.

from the people at the end whose name I do not know but who have outrageously low prices. D and R were really busy building, so I made the soup myself, and now know it’s about 1 1/2 person-hours of work. Here is the recipe, to which I added 2 large stems of celery, in about 3/8″ dice. I went to the Bowl to get a Sweet Rustic Acme baguette, and also bought two soft cheeses: one old favorite, Fromager d’Affinois, and the other a new thing whose description sounded good so what the heck: Chausses – French, obviously. We had the Chausses and found it interesting and enjoyable, though it was not a cheese I think I would particularly crave.

We ate outside on the deck (the dark photo is real – for the main picture and the wine, I turned on the deck light briefly, and for the secondary version, at right, I brightened the photo considerably!). When I went out before sunset, the wind was making it too cold for comfort, but by the time of dinner, it was dark and the wind had settled down, and it was comfy. I even took off my (cotton) sweater for most of the meal.

We had a 2015 Beaujolais with this – D’s choice, and a pretty good match, though I don’t adore this wine, alas. We got it at a super price from North Berkeley Wines awhile back – they had made a mistake in calculating the price for their ad or something, but were selling it at the price in the ad nevertheless, which was nice of them. D poured the wine back and forth a bit into our 4 cup measure and back to air it before dinner.


We went for a bike ride around Aquatic Park this morning, and I tossed off the idea (facetiously almost) as we set out that we could stop at Vik’s on the way back for lunch. D said no (as he would) b/c we have to come back to do exercises. But then he said we could go back to Vik’s after that. And we did (after shower and change of clothes, too). We ordered too much, but took some home for tomorrow. It was really good!

First they sent this out: “Dahi Papdi Chaat (V) |  Mid afternoon finds North Indians detouring to their favorite pushcart for this cooling snack of flat papdis, potatoes and garbanzo beans smothered with yogurt and chutneys.”

D’s suggestion and very good, though a bit on the liquidy side. Saved a bunch to have over rice.



Then we had: “Samosa Cholle (V) |  I looked forward to my parents having guests over because it meant samosas would be served. Our samosas are served with a side of cholle and chutneys…”

My request. Considered the lamb-filled ones, but we can come back for those. These are classic and we have not had them in ages. Love samosas!

Also each had a mango lassi, which was (of course) scrumptious. Need to try the rose one next time, though.

Lunch was about $24, but it was actually 2 lunches, with drinks for one lunch.

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