Copy/paste from last night, with bread and cheese substitutions and colder wine. And daylight – 27 September 2017


Title says it – we had more of the gazpacho, on the deck again, with the same wine (Beaujolais), but chilled to white wine temperature. It was fine without airing at this temp. Good idea of D’s to chill it. And we made it up to the deck before the light faded, so the photos are natural light without alteration, for once.




We had Fromager d’Affinois with this, and the bread was Suburban Bread from The Cheese Board (I gather that Country was whole wheat, City is white, and Suburban is halfway between). All excellent. Here’s the gazpacho recipe again.


I cooked up 1 cup (dry) Thai jasmine rice and we had the cold, leftover Dahdi Papdi Chaat from yesterday’s trip to Vik’s over it. I split the remaining samosa in half and placed at the front edge of the toaster oven and heated almost 10 minutes at 350. The thin edges just started to burn, so watch better next time. D heated up the cholle/chutney sides, which he cleverly carried home in the same takout container as the samosa, but in the cut-off bottom of his lassi cup, so as not to get the samosa wet and unappetizing. So delicious!

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