Bruschettae with beans, and with tomatoes and basil; pasta with parmaggiano; baby bok choi – 29 September 2017

I was sort of going to make ravioli tonight, but just got too unmotivated to go to the Bowl for spinach and go through that whole process by myself. We had cooked fresh cranberry beans that wanted eating, and the last bits of basil from our once-proud plant to use up, so I suggested a meal with two bruschettae. I also want to use up some pasta I bought awhile ago at Costco, so we made two ounces of that and tossed with parmaggiano and olive oil. Finally, I cooked up two of the six bunched baby bok chois I got from the people on the Alcatraz end at the farmers’ market on Tuesday.

Bruschettae: I cut up two tomatoes – I think one Dirty Girl Produce and the other Ella Bella from the Bowl – and mixed with the last of the basil leaves (chopped), salt, pepper, and a tad of olive oil, and put this all in the fridge, perhaps an hour or more before dinner. I defrosted the last three inches or so of the Acme rustic baguette, and a slice of Cheese Board Suburban Bread, and D rubbed these in a plate with olive oil on it and grilled them till slightly crispy. He also took out the beans, mashed some (including some garlic, I assume) and heated them in some olive oil. He drained the tomato mixture and served over the six slices of baguette, and served the beans on the Suburban slice.

Bok choi: I washed and cut up two small bok choi plants and cooked in < 1 Tbsp olive oil and perhaps 1/2 Tbsp butter till done. S&P.

Pasta: This is the lumpy yellow (egg) or green (spinach) pasta from Costco. Cooked it 6 mins in salted water, drained well and wiped the pan (using hot water to heat the pasta cups) then returned the pasta to the pan with a bit over 1/4 cup grated parmaggiano and a drizzle of olive oil, then served in the hot (wiped) cups.

I went to the cellar and checked out the “tester” wines and found a couple that looked promising. D thought the Cotes du Rhone was the one to try, so I opened that. It was really quite good. Famille Perrin from Trader Joe’s. Enjoyed it quite well. Great buy at $7.99!

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