Ravioli with ricotta and fresh tomato sauce; simple salad with balsamic vinaigrette – 3 October 2017

We decided to use some of the remaining ricotta in another (third this week!) ravioli, with the fresh tomato sauce from La Cucina Italiana. I made the ravs, D made the sauce.

D wanted to have simple ricotta – no egg, etc. – but suggested it might want salt. I made one recipe Bertolli pasta dough (1 cup flour, 1 egg) and used 2/3 of it for ravioli, and cut 1/3 into wide pasta for some other use.

I cut the dough into 6ths for rolling, and made it into wide sheets instead of being kinda random about the width (when I make noodles). I think in future the idea is to use 1/2 cup ricotta and a generous 1/8 tsp (up to 1/4 tsp) salt, well mixed in. However, this time I used 1/3 cup ricotta and a dash (1/8 tsp) salt, ran out of filling, added 1/4 cup ricotta and a scant (2/3?) dash salt, and then had to squeeze a bit – though not much –  to get it all into ravs. Cooked 6 mins, then D added to the frying pan of tomato sauce and served in bowls, which I had heated with pasta water. Tossed a bunch of basil leaves over the top, which I had cleaned from our brand new basil plant(s) this afternoon. To cook the sauce, D plunged the tomatoes into boiling water (cutting a cross into the bottom first to aid in removing the skin) for a minute, peeled and seeded and chopped, put into a medium cast iron frying pan with olive oil in it, cooked 1 minute, then pressed through the food mill, and cooked another 3 minutes. He forgot the salt; should be salted at this point (to taste). This is where the cooked ravs went in. Squidge around a lot, serve to heated bowls or plates, toss basil leaves over the top. We salted at the table.

I decided to use the last (I think it was – writing from here on down on the 8th) little bit of romaine, plus a few leaves each of galisse lettuce from Blue Heron and some very pretty chicory from Dirty Girl Produce. I decided instead of making a dressing with red wine vinegar, I’d just use a dressing that was sitting in the fridge wanting using. I realized later it was probably left over from the panzanella and lamb chop dinner (dressing for the salad, marinade for the lamb chops). It’s a balsamic vinaigrette with added dried oregano leaves. D thought it was an absolutely excellent salad, with the caveat that perhaps a bit less of the bitter chicory would be in order. I thought it was great, too. The salad was prettier before the dressing, though…We tried the first of the Corbieres that we bought yesterday at K&L. It was the most expensive, at $21.99. We found it good, but not exciting, and we don’t expect to buy more of it. We had a Rustic Sweet Baguette from Acme to go with all of this. Here’s a dried up dahlia I was watching during dinner.







A “using stuff up” lunch, I remember. I cut in half the remainder of the manchego, and D prepared a carrot, and spread the last of the sweet gorgonzola into stalks of celery. We ate up one dry-farmed early girl (probably from Ella Bella in Washington, via the Bowl) and D cooked up two of the small bok choy plants from last week’s Tuesday market. We started on the baguette that was bought to have for lunch and dinner.


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