Risotto in lamb stock with mushrooms and rosemary; haricots – 4 October 2017

D made stock out of the cut-off fat, and then the cooked bones, from the lamb loin chops we had the other day, and decided a risotto made with that would be good. He cooked the  1 cup arborio rice and chopped onions in olive oil first, and heated the stock separately, then stirred in ladlefuls of the stock, as one does, till each was absorbed. He also added some red wine from one or another of the bottles deemed not good enough to drink (too old and oxidized, or perhaps corked). Meanwhile, he cooked sliced white mushrooms (perhaps 10? He thought there should have been more) in olive oil, adding rosemary leaves after a bit, and about halfway through the rice-cooking process, added the mushrooms to the rice. That’s finely grated parmaggiano over the top.

He boiled the beans in salted water – he thinks they got five minutes but it would surprise me b/c they were perfect, not mushy – and used that water to heat the wide bowls he served everything in. Worked great!

We got three Corbieres at K&L on Monday, all of which were praised by one of the staff (and all from one producer, de l’Anhel). We haven’t been particularly impressed, even after airing the wine by pouring back and forth a lot. They’re perfectly find, just not especially exciting, and we would prefer to stick to drinking wines we really love (some of which are downright cheap, others of which are more normal priced. And a few $$$). So, fine, but nothing to write home about.

I bought an Acme Rustic Sweet Baguette to have for lunch and dinner.



We had some leftover pasta sheets when making ravioli for the last two nights, and I cut them into noodles and refrigerated them (after some drying). We boiled these about 9 minutes, which is to say, they were no longer behaving like fresh pasta, and D heated some sage leaves in olive oil and tossed the cooked pasta in there, a rec from the WD group when I asked how to use up sage. It was indeed very good, though I can’t say I was delighted with the state of the pasta. I think it should be dried longer than I did, but not entirely sure of that. Since that dish is pretty much devoid of nutrients, I suggested this be a day for a small Caprese, which I made. Drained one ball of Gustosella mozzarella de bufala after slicing into 12 slices, picked one large and beautiful basil leaf for each cheese round, and cut a slice of tomato likewise. I cut up the last of the anchovy fillets in the can D bought awhile ago at the Bowl (has been in the fridge) and topped the cheese with those bits. This was good, but I think the tomatoes had been sitting too long as it shoudl have been spectacular.


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