Salade Nicoise – 9 October 2017

  • [This has no meat, but it does have fish. – meatless but not veggie.]

We decided to have another Nicoise, using up some things that wanted eating. D’s suggestion, and then we just kept going “oh, and we have X.” So, leftover boiled potatoes, fresh cranberry beans to use up, some yellow beans D got for the purpose, a leaf of the chicory from Dirty Girl Produce that D used to house the tuna, a radish, a hard-boiled egg, part of an English cucumber, some dry-farmed early girls, Nicoise olives, an oil-packed anchovy fillet… sounds good. There ought to have been basil over the top, though I can’t say I see it. This may be the one where the dressing was on the thin side? (Writing this the 24th..oops)

Keeping track of the tunas we’re trying since we ran out of the Costco stash (which, though it says “Tonno” on the label, is a US product). This one was Tuna: Tonnino yellowfin solid-pack in olive oil. 4.94 oz.  Packed in Costa Rica. A dark blue can with white writing.

Looks like an Acme Rustic Sweet Baguette, which was used both for lunch and for dinner.

We had a wine we’re pretty sure (today) that we got at K&L*. We weren’t particularly impressed with any of them, though of course the one specially chosen one – from Failla – is still to come. This one was a Bordeaux, 2015, Chateau Lamothe Castera. Had a prize-winning sticker on it that I can’t see in the photo b/c it’s around the edge. *Indeed, the K&L site has this bottle, for a cost of $8.99, no doubt why we elected to give it a try.


I think I only photographed this lunch b/c it looked so nice 🙂 Looks like the Holland Goat Gouda on the sandwich, with romaine and slices of early girl tomatoes, with the extra, end bits on the side, some uncooked haricots, half a radish, and spears of English cucumber. Good lunch 🙂

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