Spaghetti with fresh cranberry beans; salad – 15 October 2017

D cooked this delicious dinner. He used most of the remaining cranberry beans that we cooked last week (with garlic cloves, rosemary, and salt in the water) and heated them in olive oil, adding marjoram and Greek oregano from the garden. He made a salad using romaine, a bit of the chicory I got last week from Dirty Girl Produce, and one of their dry-farmed early girl tomatoes. He served the salad on my two Russel Wright olivey-greenish medium plates, and it really set off their brightness beautifully. I loved how they looked! I went to the Bowl before lunch and bought (at D’s behest) an Acme Italian Batard, which we had for both lunch and dinner.

D dug up a “tester” wine from Costco that we both really enjoyed. It’s not a grand wine, but very drinkable and enjoyable, and only $6.99! We’ll get more on our next trip if they still have it. Louise Dubois Ma Belle Reserve Cotes du Rhone 2015.


I couldn’t decide which wine picture to use πŸ™‚







I made sandwiches using the brand new loaf of bread, and the end of our Fontina Valle d’Aosta, with romaine, and the rest of our neighbor S’s monster tomato (beefsteak?). I put mayonnaise on mine, and mayo and the new stone ground mustard the Bowl finally got back in stock for D. Forgot to add thin-sliced onions, but not clear the fontina would be happy with those anyway. The sandwiches were totally yummy. As were the Clausen Kosher dills πŸ™‚

[added the 20th] It was a pretty hot day, and I used this as my excuse – finally! – to make limeade with the limes I had gotten in a 5-for-50-cents bag at the Bowl a few days previously. I squeezed all the limes (after rolling them with pressure on the counter) and they made a whole cup of juice. These were big limes, and I wouldn’t count on that for normal ones. Anyway, recipes suggested volume lime juice = volume sugar, and I thought that sounded appalling, so I decided to start with 1/2 cup sugar – and loved it that way! I added either 4 or 5 cups water – pretty sure it was 4 cups, based on adding five cups (= water plus juice volumes) to the emptied pitcher later. So, my personal recipe for limeade is one part sugar, two parts lime juice, 8 parts water, and serve with ice.

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