Cheese “foccacia” with taleggio; salad with farmers’ market tomatoes – 16 October 2017

The Bowl is trying out selling taleggio, and to encourage them to do that, I bought a couple of packages, totaling about half a pound of cheese, thinking to make this “foccacia,” which is not like any foccacia you’d normally label with that name. It’s just two sheets of what is essentially eggless pasta dough, with large dots (dice – the roll-me kind – that size dots) of cheese laid on the first, and then the second sheet, rolled thin enough to see the grain of the dough board through it, laid over the top, pressed down carefully among the cheese dots, and sealed with water around the edges.

It’s really not supposed to dome up like that!

The recipe I used is 1/3 of the original, which is from Recipes from Paradise by Fred Plotkin. Differences: I used a very damp towel over the dough as it sat in a slightly-warmed (but off) oven, and that worked fine. I also left the towel over the first sheet as I rolled out the second. I let the assembled foccacia sit while I took a shower and the oven preheated, and that seemed to be fine. The dough was somewhat wetter than usual, though, I think. I didn’t forget the oil and salt over the top this time. I thought I should have added a bit more salt, but since I didn’t measure it, just shook into my hand, that is not a very useful note.

I tore up a few mediumish, inside leaves from the romaine we’ve been using and topped with two tomatoes from Riverdog Farm, from the Saturday market, each split between the two salads in case one was better than the other. D made a most excellent dressing – a red wine vinegar and oil (+S&P) with the addition of small bits of red onion, and half a canned anchovy. It really worked – super delicious salad.

D brought up what he thinks is our last bottle of 2013 Domaine La Milliere Vin de Pays de Vaucluse, as North Berkeley Wines has stopped representing them (since I think they went with someone else too, and NBW didn’t like that or something – impression from brief conversation). It was really good (though not as wonderful as the first vintage we got there, of which we bought three cases). We’ll miss it…






This was a great lunch, too. I used up the second of the Gustosella mozzarella de bufala balls I bought a week or more ago at The Cheese Board, in a Caprese, giving each of us halves of two excellent tomatoes, and a half dozen or so basil leaves that D collected from the garden. I asked D whether to use capers, anchovies, or both, and he said just capers this time, to be different, which was a good idea. I salted and peppered the tomatoes (pretty much everything, to tell the truth) and drizzled with olive oil. D made bruschetta with the last of the fresh cranberry beans he got at the Bowl. He defrosted two slices of Semifreddi ciabatta by tossing them on the grill and moving around very frequently. The grilled taste is exceptional! He added in a last bit of the English cucumber that I think he bought for the gazpacho recently.

A view of dinner

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