Using stuff up – 17 October 2017

D&R had a meeting at their art coop, so I was alone for dinner. Tried to find the micro-pizza dough I am still sure I have in the freezer, but didn’t find it. Thought of going to the Bowl to buy an herb foccacia to make a pizza on, but ran across the last of the frozen Paratha breads from Vik’s, which D is not especially fond of, so I decided to use that up, and why not with a topping of some sort? I just defrosted one cube (about 1 Tbsp) of Wells [tomato] sauce, and grated some Asiago and I think some mozzarella (writing this the 20th) to put over the top. I heated the paratha in the large cast iron frying pan, with some olive oil, for a couple minutes, turned it and heated another couple, turned again and topped with the defrosted Wells sauce and the grated cheeses. The cheese didn’t look as though it would melt, so I moved the paratha to the toaster oven and broiled briefly till the cheese melted.

I had noted earlier in this blog a tomato salad that had only onion and dressing in it, or thereabouts. I decided to cut up a tomato, add onion and olive oi, and then popped in some capers. Probably added S&P. It turned out to be pretty good. F0r a catch-as-catch-can dinner, pretty decent.

I opened a Kirkland Rioja, since Riojas are not D’s favorite, and that was yummy. Fine with the meal, though no great match or anything.




Lunch:I defrosted some slices from an Acme Italian to eat with varioius cheeses. I put out the manchego, the Asiago, and a Holland goat gouda. Also made up a version of D’s concoction: avocado, tomato, onion/shallot [used red onion] and balsamic vinegar. Quick and yummy lunch.



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