Spaghetti with fresh San Marzano tomato sauce – 21 October 2017

Our wonderful neighbor S came by earlier in the week with a large bowlful of San Marzano tomatoes, which they grew and couldn’t use all of. D resolved to make them into a sauce, which is apparently why Italians grow them,


and if this is any indication, that’s a very good decision. D started by cooking a substantial amount of large-chopped red onion in olive oil, then added the chopped tomatoes, and marjoram, Greek oregano, and thyme from the garden, salt, and pepper of course. It was super! (wrote “supper” first – not a bad typo…) Especially good with Pecorino Romano over it – really an inspired choice by D. there’s a bit of sauce left over – perhaps as much as half of it – to which D suggests adding sausage (though the mushrooms in the fridge may take priority).

D wanted immediately to try a wine we bought on spec at The Wine Mine’s tasting today. It’s from the grape called Susumaniello, which is one of those “out of fashion” grapes that a few growers are trying to bring back, and we had another Susumaniello at the tasting. D saw this and said we liked that one (and bought it) why not try this one too? So we did. We both enjoyed it – a “different” taste that I can’t describe well, to tell the truth, especially since I’m writing this on the 23rd. Rest of wine label says: 2015, Salento, Masseria Li Veli. Probably will get more.



Lunch: (thus ends the veggie portion of our program)

One of the best things about the already-wonderful chicken “bruschetta” from last night is the sandwiches made with the leftovers. I defrosted two large slices of the Pain au Levain, which I froze right after dinner, and used half the remaining chicken, and all of the leftover sauce that I dumped into the container when putting away the leftovers. As a result, we didn’t have any additional mayonnaise or mustard on the bread. Just romaine this time. Had a tomato alongside (dry-farmed early girl from Dirty Girl Produce) that wanted eating, and D cooked up the last few of the haricots he bought awhile ago at the Bowl. Great lunch, of course… I think this was the day (writing up on the 23rd) that he brought out green grapes for dessert, too, and they were delicious and refreshing.

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