Fresh tomato soup; cole slaw; chicken sandwich – 22 October 2017

We’re still in the process of making sure we make all our tomato recipes before the season ends. I realized 1) we hadn’t made “M’s” tomato soup yet, and also the Dirty Girl Produce tomatoes were threatening to go soft on us, so I decided to make the soup for dinner. I used 11 of the 12 remaining tomatoes (small ones – they are the best ones) in the soup, and reserved one to put on the sandwiches. The soup recipe is here, with a later note that about 1/8 tsp salt is a good bet for about this many tomatoes. It made two small-to- moderate bowlfuls. It’s an astonishingly delicious soup. Thinking of making another batch and freezing after the “cook down” step, to hold until the cold weather, when it will be even more of a treat!

I used up the last of the chicken from the 20th, making one sandwich out of the last two full-sized slices of Pain au Levain from the freezer (and also took out the ends, for plate-cleaning 🙂 as well as just it use it up completely). I added mayonnaise and the Bowl’s stone ground Dijon mustard, since I had used up the overflow mustard/mayo/lemon dressing in yesterday’s sandwiches. Romaine, and that last tomato (S&P) completed the deal. I had cut one of the slices poorly before freezing, and had to be sure the romaine was the first thing under that bread so it could protect against stuff falling through the holes. After cutting the larger sandwich in (almost) half, my end’s bread was disconnected into two parts. Owel.

This was 26 Sept, the first time I saw this astonishing-looking cabbage.

The “conehead” cabbage I got at last week’s Tuesday market (also from Dirty Girl) has been unused, but I cut off perhaps the top 1/2 of it (which is probably 1/3 of the total volume) to make a cole slaw, using this recipe for dressing. Last time I made half the recipe and had some left over, so I approximated 2/3 of that half this time. It was better last time, so I should measure more carefully. I added in 1/2 a long but thin carrot, cut into strips via carrot peeler, and D tossed in, at my behest, some fennel seeds, which he had done last time to great effect.

D decided it was time to try the Barbera d’Alba I bought on spec at Kermit Lynch when I was there the other day to see if they still had the Lascaux we had liked recently. They did (see 19th?) but it was not as good as this wine. We both really enjoyed this – Guido Porro, V. S. Caterina (per KL website, per D: Vigna Santa Caterina) 2014. We’ll definitely get more of this. Didn’t need any airing, even. The wine was $19.95, but for some reason the seller just gave me a 10% discount on it. I love places where the staff are empowered to do stuff like that. At dinner, I thought this would go well with Midnight Moon cheese, from Cypress Grove. D says “and what? I sez “bread! He thinks perhaps more tomato soup 🙂 It really went well with everything at dinner, which is especially remarkable for the cole slaw, which has sugar in it. This is a Find – though at $20 a pop, it’s not an everyday treat.


D suggested that instead of going up to “our” hill today, we bike down to the marina, where last week we had seen some people selling “kebab wraps.” I asked them their normal business hours, and those included every Sunday for lunch, so, after a bit of delay… we went off, picked up lunch, and then had the wraps and a half bottle of Kirkland Rioja left over from Tuesday when I was out at the art coop for dinner. Then we tooled around the park a bit, rode over to the sporting goods store and bought stuff for our emergency packs (beautiful new batik bandanas!) and rode home to do our weights workout. Was really a great Sunday 🙂


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