Extra fresh pasta from last night with enhanced tomato sauce; roasted asparagus with feta – 2 November 2017

How the heck did it get to be November already?

Anyway, as with a couple of previous instances, I used 2/3 of the fresh pasta dough last night for ravioli, and cut the rest into fettucine, which I let dry a bit, and then put into an airtight container in the fridge. D had made a fresh tomato sauce for the and we skoodged the ravioli around in it, but there was also leftover sauce. AHA! So D cooked some sliced garlic and chopped onion, with a lot (relatively speaking) of oregano from the garden, in olive oil, then added the tomato sauce from last night, and a bit of some random wine that was deemed undrinkable but cookable. It turned out GREAT! He cooked the little bit of fettucine in boiling water, tested, said “2 more minutes” which is exactly what we did previously, and then mixed it in with the sauce and served.

The Last Bottle…

We had both aioli and feta left over, and either could have been served with the rest of the asparagus. D decided on the feta, so he roasted the asparagus – four big big ones, started early, and about 20 pencil-thin ones started later. Olive oil, salt, and pepper, shake and roll them around partway through, etc. Hot – I think I set the oven at 450 or 475. I doled out the feta, but by the time I’d used half of what was left, it was enough. So we have another 3/4″ cube to eat up somehow. But the asparagus with feta was super 🙂

D also wanted to have a salad, and brought in a few leaves from the bitter lettuce (a chicory) that he chose (six-pack) when we went to the East Bay Nursery for sorrel a few weeks ago. All plants are doing great. D also broke up some romaine leaves, and I tore up the chicory, along with one small nasturtium leaf that came along by accident. D added I think just a bit of oil to the leftover dressing I saved from a Greek salad (and then from something else where I didn’t use all the leftovers), and it turned out to be a delicious salad.

We had the last of our Two Mile wines, which we have let sit too long. It was very good, fortunately – a 2008 Dry Creek Sangiovese, which I put into the fridge for a half hour or more before dinner. We enjoyed it. Have to get back to Two Mile now – last time I was there they had hardly anything to taste, and I was not interested in buying anything. Which was pretty shocking!

Had a bit of Semifreddi ciabatta from yesterday (defrosted).

Later, D pulled out a milk chocolate/caramel Ghirardelli candy for each of us, which was a great dessert.



D dug around in the cheese bin and found stuff that wanted using, including the remainder of a Laura Chenel goat cheese ball – no more than an ounce left, I think. He decided to spread the cheese on the ciabatta slices, and add chopped  olives (mostly Nicoise, but I think a Kalmata slipped in) – I chopped up 5 or 8 or something, into perhaps 8ths or 10ths, and he spread them, plus a very small bit of very thin-sliced red onion, over the cheese, and topped with another ciabatta slice to make a sandwich. It was scrumptious!! I washed and cooked up the last of the leaves and tops of the [???]* choi I got from the southernmost stand at the Tuesday market last week – cooked in olive oil with salt and pepper. It turned out to be a great lunch 🙂 *The choi may be choi sum – here is a blogpost with a photo that really looks like it.



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