Spaghetti with sausage topping; haricots – 3 November 2017

D wanted to have a pasta with sausage. This is odd. He usually gets all antsy about meat, for no obvious reason. But he wanted to have this pasta. We were trying to figure out how to eat till we leave for our family-wedding trip without buying stuff we can’t use up. So, he made a really good pasta. I’m writing this the 16th, so doing it from memory (encouraged by photos). He used one Christopher Lee Italian sausage, broken out of its skin and skoodgled up. Onion. Sundried tomato (oil packed) that came in chunks, but he thought (rightly) that they should have been cut smaller for this dish. I don’t recall anything else in the pasta, but probably some marjoram and oregano and maybe thyme? (I totally see a marjoram leaf in there…)

Haricots – he would have boiled them a couple of minutes. Or possibly steamed?

Wine – Chateau de Manissy is a favorite from the Wine Mine, though this was not the most excellent of the bottles. I know b/c, writing this the 16th, we had a superb bottle last night, and I remember not thinking this previous one was extra special. Good, just not “quick, buy three cases!”


Argh – I know this was a really neat sandwich, but I don’t remember which cheese we used. It was something we weren’t sure would work great for this, but it did. Maybe the goat gouda? We had mayonnaise on the sandwich, and cooked the it in butter in a cast-iron pan. Looks like Acme Italian. Used up almost the very last of the “conehead” cabbage in a lovely coleslaw with this great dressing. I really like this photo 🙂

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