Chicken with onion/raspberry/tarragon/vinegar sauce; rice; green beans (haricots?) – 4 November 2017

Mostly we are using stuff up before our trip, but we had fewer Things than nights, so got a Costco chicken breast packet out to make this. The rationale for this particular dish was the use of tarragon, which will not be happy in the garden much longer. Here is a reasonable rendition of the recipe. I need to be more careful not to dry out the chicken, since I slice it into thinner slabs than the recipe calls for. Beans… writing this the 22nd, so don’t quite recall, but if I cooked them, they were steamed, and if D cooked them, they were boiled. Buttered. The usual. They look like haricots, not Blue Lakes. Thai jasmine rice underneath. Chopped tarragon over the top.

I chose a McIlroy chard (2012) to go with this, and IIRC it was a good choice. I really love that wine. It’s from Costco.






D made a nifty pasta, using a bit of spaghetti, some olives, some I think oregano or marjoram, and some chicory (“Italian”?) that he picked out at the East Bay Nursery when we went for the sorrel plants. Topped with cheese – I think pecorino. I remember it was really good!



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