Carry-on airport lunch as the main meal – 7 November 2017

Forgot to take a photo of dinner (also on the plane) so my carry-on lunch will have to do for the main shot. I decided to have my larger meal at lunchtime (whatever that means when you’re crossing three time zones) and a smaller one – brought-from-home stuff – late in the flight. I guess I actually ate that on the second flight. It was just the remainder of the manchego and some rice crackers that we really like – Sesmark Rice Thins – and some fruit – no doubt a couple of the little tangerines from the island (writing this the 15th). The manchego was a real treat, and goes well with the crackers.

Lunch (above) was a “burrata” from Vino Volo at the Oakland airport. This VV does not toast the bread slices (they’re from a ciabatta roll) and the tomato (roasted I think) was quite minimal, but tasted good. Small salad. The cheese itself was excellent. B/c of the rather chintzyness of the meal, I would not rate Oakland’s VV highly on a scale of VVs I’ve visited.

I ordered a white wine with this, which is a good choice for this meal. We had packed the last 6 Ghirardelli chocolate squares (3 each) left over from Halloween (nobody came) and I had the caramel one for dessert, thinking that if I wanted two sometime, I’d want two the same, and I kept the two mint ones.




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