Greek dinner with family – 8 November 2017

We’ve been to this restaurant before – it’s a favorite of our other-coast family members – but I remember it being better than what I had this time. I ordered a mixed plate, and liked the spanokopita, but the moussaka and the macaroni dish were unexciting. The salad was fresh and crispy, and the stuffed grape leaf was most excellent! Three elements of the combo are described below the menu entry. Here is the info via, which may or may not be up to date:

I didn’t get the soup, as far as I know, but that was ok b/c it was a really big meal. (Remember this may be an old menu.) We didn’t realize how big it was going to be, and ordered an appetizer mixed plate before the relatives B&L got there. (We had brought D’s Dad P with us, along with our fellow travelers R&E.) B&L knew better! LOL – they knew to split a meal 🙂

D remembered the Nemean wine he’d had there and ordered that for the table. It says “Kouros 2014” on it. I wasn’t especially impressed by it, but it was fine.




Some people in the party (P, T, B&L, R&E, D & me) were calling this breakfast, but I had eaten yogurt and banana and granola at our airbnb several hours earlier. This is the sister restaurant to Athena, a classic little diner called Georgie’s. At the recommendation of L, I tried the Greek Style omelette, which was good, and had a toasted biscuit and home fries with it. And a large orange juice, which I definitely appreciated. Omelette was mildly flavored, nothing to write home about, but nicely cooked. I liked the biscuit and potatoes just fine.

Here’s coffee from earlier in the morning back at the airbnb, made with R’s new Aeropress (not with the nifty coffee pot in the photo, which was a decoration in our room).


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