Deep-fried, beer-battered fish at a nifty roadside diner – 9 November 2017

Actual lighting. Challenging…

We thought we’d stay at the Kennedy Space Center (Mecca of my childhood) only a couple of hours b/c we had D’s Dad P with us, but wow, we closed the place ๐Ÿ˜‰ We arrived just in time for lunch, and stayed till about 6pm, taking the main bus tour and ending up at the Saturn V exhibit.ย  It was a great trip but I’d like to take the more extensive tour next time.

We had a 2-hour drive back home and needed to eat en route, so R texted his cousin B and asked for a recommendation for a good fish place (given we were on the coast and all). Turtle Shack was the recommendation, and we really enjoyed it. The service was warm but professional, and the food was really good. They were caring toward P, which is a must for a good place.

I had the Irish Stout Battered Mahi, with French fries and coleslaw, and their excellent tartar sauce, and it was really good. Not “to-die-for” good, but a fine meal.

I asked the beer afficionados to choose me a good beer, and they suggested the “Darwin’s Llama Mama Milk Stout,” which I really liked.

Somebody or other ordered a key lime pie for dessert and I got a tiny bite of it, but as you can see, life was all fuzzy by then ๐Ÿ™‚






We ate at the Orbit Cafe at the Kennedy Space Center. Food was competent for a mass-feeding place, but nothing special. But we didn’t come there for the food.

I split a “Cuban sandwich” and fries with P, and had a drink of some kind, but I don’t remember what (writing the 15th).

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