Blackened swordfish at Saltwater Cowboy – 10 November 2017

Nine more of our most excellent relatives got to town for the wedding tomorrow, and we arranged to have dinner together – 13 of us; this would be the newly-arrived bunch, and R&E, D&me. The four of us didn’t hear about the time of the reservation till it was almost upon us, but we told the group with small people to go ahead, and they did. We were served not long after they were, and all went well. I think they got the recommendation of Saltwater Cowboy from the locals.

D&I split a blackened swordfish, which was good, but I think it’s not the way to have swordfish, and not the most enjoyable fish to have “blackened.” Came with an excellent potato salad and nice, crispy coleslaw. They brought an extra potato salad for us, which was sweet. I was happy to have a whole one!






D ordered wine for the four of us, an “Acrobat” Pinot Gris from 2015. I’ll admit I don’t remember it all that much – one of the drawbacks of having dinner with such good people is that the food and wine take a back seat, and you do miss that. But it was good, I know that 🙂


We wandered around town a bit in the morning, and got a recommendation for an excellent pizza place unimpressively named “Pizza Time”  – looks like a dive, cash only (is that the “Brooklyn style” complete with money laundering?) – and then wow, the crust is outstanding. Ancient. Line, but fast line. We chose three pieces of pizza, which was too many. I wanted the white/spinach (top), D a mushroom one (bottom right), and we got a veggie-rich “rustic” I think it was called (the other one). All good, but the crust was the star. D got us glasses of wine, choosing the Opici Chianti over there on the right. Fine, nothing to write home about.


Every day we have had yogurt, granola, and fruit, which is an outstanding breakfast. We loved the Chobani Greek yogurt, and were very pleased with the Nature Valley Oats & Honey granola. And I love bananas. The airbnb had measuring cups that were positively darling, and we used them for coffee (though of course they were four different sizes!) The white cups were nice, too, but too big for espresso, really, even with the steamed milk in it. The Highwire coffee (from home) was pretty good, made using the new Aeropress. D brought (still can’t believe this… ok, yes I can) the milk steamer in his suitcase.

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