Make-Your-Own tacos at a very fun wedding – 11 November 2017

Well, this is why we flew out here. Not the tacos, but the wedding 🙂 It was fun and a bit unorthodox, in keeping with the spirited nature of the couple. Dinner was tacos that you made yourself from a buffet. Plenty of stuff! You could get wine or beer or non-alcoholic drinks at a small bar (I got a red wine – pretty sure it was a Trader Joe’s Shiraz – but no photo of the bottle). This was the first taco, which was a flour tortilla with I think chicken? (buried) and refritos, tomato salsa, and shredded cheeses. I am reminded by the photo of the rest of the stuff I chose – see the corn salad, guacamole, rice, and sour cream peeking out there? I went back for a second taco, and had a corn tortilla with ground beef and black beans, and I think more guac and salsa. Maybe sour cream? Anyway, yummy and fun. And there was a bathroom at the park with running water and soap, so we could actually wash the tomato drips off our fingers, which was a plus.

The wedding cake was mostly a “tree” of lovely little cupcakes.

The bride wanted a traditional “champagne” toast, and there were a variety of sparkling wines there. The Andre I had was quite competent – plenty good enough for a large party where the wine was not the feature – but there was a bottle of Cook’s that (as R observed) was corked. Ick. I poured it out. The glass, and then the rest of the bottle!


Family, family, family! This was the “official” time for everyone in the groom’s family except the bridal couple to get together, including long-time friends the officiant and her husband, who are family though not related 🙂

So, I think that made it 17 people, adding officiant and husband, and B&L to the 13 from the fish restaurant of last night. One long table in a private room at Le Pavillon – good food, lovely surroundings. I had seen online that you could order a selection of one of each of their crepes, so I did that. The crepes themselves were superb – light and beautiful – but I was not entranced by the fillings, for the most part. Good, just nothing to write home about. The beef/mushroom was probably my favorite, though that would not have been my expectation from the menu.

Here is a list of the four crepes from the online menu:

  Crepes a la Reine: Chicken Supreme stuffing

Crepes avec les Fruits de Mer: Seafood in creamy lobster sauce

  Crepes Florentine: Filled with creamed spinach

  Les Crepes Pavillon: Ragout of minced beef & mushrooms

The first course was an especially beautiful salad. The waitress just said “The garden salad with that?” rather than asking whether I’d prefer fruit or garden salad, but I’m kinda glad b/c I would have said fruit, and this was really good. I had sweet tea to go with these, and they just brought me a second one partway through the meal.

Breakfast coffee, just b/c the cup is so cute:

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