Fondue with borrowed fondue pot; roasted asparagus – 12 November 2017

Our SIL L suggested we have the family’s traditional cheese fondue, the recipe brought to our (mutual) late MIL by a Swiss exchange student in the 60s. We were sure our FIL P would really enjoy it. Unfortunately, when D went to P’s house, he was unable to convince him to wake up, so it was just the six of us, cooking at our airbnb. We had a lovely evening chatting together – B&L, R&E, D and me.

The color on these is all wrong. The ones that look like this have had “Remove color cast” applied – it usually works well, but this time it removed too much. I’ve tried to correct a bit from there. The ones that look yellow I tried to correct with that function. Nothing really worked well.

Sutter Home greeting πŸ™‚

We of course had to borrow B&L’s Mary Grabill fondue pot (L’s suggestion was based on her having this) and L also contributed kirsch and a set of measuring spoons, which the airbnb lacked, and which L left there as a contribution.

We bought gruyere and emmenthaler at Publix, and also a bottle of Sutter Home Sauvignon Blanc, which worked just fine for 1 1/2 recipes of fondue.

We had gone to Panera for some bread, and bought a “ciabatta” (bottom) and I think a “country loaf” (very beautiful) and a sourdough (not pictured).

We completely used all three loaves. The sourdough was far and away the winner for texture. Definitely use this in the future, if going to Panera. Publix had some shortish baguettes, which should also work. D grated the cheeses, and I did much of the rest, with L helping with the extra-long stirring process: The electric stove heated the heavy terra cotta pot a lot slower than I expected, so I ended up turning the burner to medium-high, and then it heated properly. I was nervous about how I was treating a borrowed, irreplaceable treasure. At any rate, the fondue, as well as the company, was excellent πŸ™‚

We started by having roasted asparagus (top photo – I had mine while stirring fondue), which we rolled in olive oil (provided by the airbnb) and salted and peppered. R ground up the large-grained salt in the teensy grinder, and then later he discovered a small Morton’s shaker that we had missed. Owel. B&L were enamored of the asparagus (and also thought the fondue was excellent).

D chose a Mirassou Pinot Grigio and we had that for “cooking wine,” then opened the bottles of both Cupcake and Nobilo sauvignon blancs that we had in the fridge on spec. So all the wines were used up before our departure, conveniently enough.



We had also bought a “Whole Fruit” raspberry sorbet at Publix (considering P’s problem with lactose, but then he wasn’t there) and a couple bags of Milanos – double chocolate and mint/chocolate – for dessert. Milanos we expected to be good b/c we know Milanos, but we were unfamiliar with the sorbet. Totally lucked out – it was extremely good – very fruity and rich.

Lunch: So, this was a BBQ place, and thus endeth the meatless portion of our program…

We spent to the morning at BIL B’s “farm” with the extended family, including four young ‘uns, two of whom had never been there. R&E also were there for the first time. We brought P with us, assuming he would enjoy the outing, and seeing the grandkids before they left for home. On the way back, D&R&E&P&I stopped at Smokin’ D’s BBQ for lunch, and asked for the Pork Special. We found the bbq pork itself to be excellent, and the sauces to be good enough. It was messy as all get-out, but what the heck. We ate outdoors by the side of the place (which had no indoor tables). We had two sides – the coleslaw, and, despite having asked for the rice, the mixed beans. Both very good. I thought the mixed beans were especially so. I had a Dr. Pepper b/c I hadn’t had anything like that in at least months – probably years. It was fun but nothing to write home about. There was essentially no garlic taste to the “garlic toast,” which was the only disappointment of the meal – just toasted white bread with butter(?) on it.



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