Excellent chicken quesadilla at A1A Ale Works – 13 November 2017

So, here we are traveling, and the presence of family all around meant we mostly ate at restaurants with them – resulting in D&me eating more restaurant meals in one week than in the previous year, unless I miss my guess. This one was really, really good. started with warm dark bread – molasses bread? – and whipped butter (below).

The place L suggested was closed Mondays, but R&E had seen the A1A (a highway)    Ale Works, and it was well reviewed, so we went there. Glad we did! D’s Dad P, in-laws B&L, “kids” R&E, and D&me. I didn’t see what everyone else ordered, but I went for the “starter” menu so as not to have too much to eat (for a change). But OMG, this was a “starter”?

For four people, maybe…

Anyway, the chicken was perhaps a bit excessive, but very nicely done, the tortillas perfectly crispy, the sour cream sour cream, the guacamole good, the Pico de Gallo outstandingly delicious. I had a side of sweet potato fries which were not nearly as good, and completely unnecessary. Fortunately, D ate most of them 🙂

R&E chose a beer for me, which was intriguing and I really enjoyed it: a chocolate beer called “Count Shakula,” which for some reason doesn’t appear on the menus online. So no description, unfortunately. There was something besides chocolate in it…

Wait! I actually did take a picture of that menu bit, too. Missed it the first time.



Less successful than dinner by a long shot. With B&D having to check out a potential nursing home for P (when he needs it, eventually) L&I went to Theo’s for lunch. L suggested the gyro burger (gyro on a bun instead of a pita) and I was not at all thrilled with the meat. Served with potato chips, which I enjoyed (when was the last time I had chips?) and a gratis chocolate chip cookie at the end. The place has a fun decor.

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