Airport food again – 14 November 2017

But airport food ain’t what it used to be, that’s for sure.

I seem to have converted D to Vino Volo fandom (or at least, he’s confident he can get good food there). We arrived at JAX in time to spend a half hour over lunch instead of going for take-out. E looked over the menu and suggested a cheese plate and a salumi plate, so the four of us shared those for a light meal. That’s my share in the picture. Pretty sure these are the two plates she ordered.

Of course, we had to have wine! R&E shared one and D&I shared another wine flight. Theirs (in back) was something like a toast to turkey (the bird, not the country) and ours was “Noirs” – that left wine was a Pinor Noir white, which I have to confess I really liked. The other two were fine, but I was not excited about them. But wine flights are always fun.

We had made a meal from stuff remaining in our airbnb, but waited till dinner to have that. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to take a picture when I had dinner (as usual, for unusual meals {sigh}). Sandwich on a square roll, with the end of the gruyere and slices of a hard sausage, and butter and lettuce – tasty but a bit dry – I shouldn’t have said to keep tomato off mine (for fear of drips). Chunks of watermelon. Granny Smith apple (I ate only half of it – this was a lot of food!). Those mini-carrots and sticks of celery that I thought we were buying at Publix to have with our fondue, but we didn’t. Three Milanos! I also had a drink coupon so I had a margarita, but it was kinda bitter.

And I had a snack of Fritos and anther of Plane cookies. These are tasty as well as cute 🙂


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