Boudin Blanc and wild mushroom pasta; yellow “wax” beans; lunch at the Beaujolais release party – 18 November 2017

Christopher Lee has fixed whatever machine was broken and is making Boudin Blanc again. When he announced he would have a sausage pop-up, I ordered a pack, as well as his Rapini & Pecorino sausages. I decided to make my boudin pasta straightaway. D did the shopping and discovered there were no hen-of-the-woods mushrooms at the Bowl, and listed some alternatives for me. I basically said “whatever you think” and he chose the brown-capped pioppini, along with a large leg of eryngii. I used maybe 60% of the eryngii, which this time did not have a “crust” on its exterior, and one handful of pioppini. With the exception that I cut the very bottom off the bunch of pioppini, both kinds of mushrooms needed only brushing (brushing individual teeny mushrooms takes awhile, though) not washing. I usually cook the eryngii 4 minutes and then add the hens, but I decided to cook the pioppini just as long as the sliced eryngii, so put them in at the same time. Other than that, I cooked this the same as in this recipe (substituting casarecce, since we had no orechiette or paccheri, and can’t seem to get dischi volanti at all any more).

D just boiled the wax beans in salted water and buttered them. I liked them but I think he thought they should be more flavorful. We bought a Pain Epis – probably Acme’s cutest bread – at the bakery after the Beaujolais release party in their parking lot.

We decided to have a wine we really liked recently, a Guido Porro Barbera d’Alba, of which we got a few more bottles today at Kermit Lynch, after the Beaujolais party (see below). I was not as entranced as by the first bottle, but we definitely have found bottles of the same wines to vary a lot from each other.


Curt Clingman was cooking for the Beaujolais party, making a Boeuf Bourguignon, with carrots, mushroom caps and onions, with roasted? potatoes on the side, and half a slice of Acme Long Levain – which I suspect Chef Clingman had made for specially for the event. Lunch was very good, not mind-blowing. We liked the Beaujolais (Kermit Lynch’s own, 2017) enough to buy several bottles, along with the Barbera above, and several new “tester” wines to try out b/c they were good prices and why not. Fun lunch, as always. We couldn’t walk home b/c D&R needed to go to a memorial by 2pm, and they were glad they did as they learned a lot more about this really nice guy from the art coop. Couldn’t decide between wine pix – refraction or reflection?? 🙂

WordPress flagged 28 words in this post as misspelled! LOL! It definitely does not speak Italian. Or recognize “WordPress,” I now note…


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