Flatiron steak; refried potato patties; filet beans – 25 November 2017

Another day at the Grand Lake Market for D&R, and so another Prather Ranch opportunity. I asked D to pick up a thin flatiron steak before they ran out, since I was not going to be there till lunchtime, and he got a nice one. Also, Tomatero Farms still had dry0farmed early girls, and I bought a bunch of those, and also three good looking avocados from a guy from near San Luis, who said they had recently reached into the Bay Area successfully (cupla years ago). And a gigantic onion for tomorrow’s Mom-memorial soup. We have lots of leftovers. Instead of going into the TG ones tonight, though, we ate up the leftover boiled potatoes with parsley and butter from last night. These were overcooked, so didn’t hold their shape and were more like mashed potatoes; I made them into patties and fried, using olive oil rather than butter this time, in part b/c I wanted to cook them hot for a nice crispy exterior, in part b/c they already had a bunch of butter in them anyway, and in part b/c we were talking about putting some of the TG gravy/port wine sauce over them and we thought that butter was not its friend. In the end, I thought that the potatoes were as good w/out the sauce as with. The beef was superb. D topped it with garlic slices and salt and pepper, and thyme leaves from the three sprigs that didn’t get used on TG. He cooked the steak over a bed of rosemary on the range grill. D got out a big pile of filet beans (this batch from Mexico) and trimmed them, and said they should be boiled I washed them up and boiled them 3 minutes in salted water, then drained and returned them to the pan in which I had melted some butter, salted them and tossed in the butter. A really easy dinner!

We had another bottle of the Barbera d’Alba (Guido Porro 2016) that we really liked the first bottle of, but we were not excited about this one (again). I think we need to bring the next one up really early and let it breathe.


Oh, good pizza! Arizmendi Lakeshore had (though you have to PHONE to find this out) roasted potato and poblano pizza with mozzarella and a lemon-garlic-oil sauce, with cilantro. It was really good. Not the best pizza I’ve ever had, but certainly most enjoyable, sitting on the ground (rug, actually) at the farmers’ market booth. D&R had Trader Joe’s I think Vintage Ale but b/c I would drive soon, I tried only a couple sips of it.

Farmers’ Market flowers come home as table decorations after D&R use them in their booth.

It was Christmas Tree Day at the Grand Lake Market.

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