Pizza with walnuts, gorgonzola dolce, and arugula – 6 December 2017

We have a half-pillow of arugula from the Bowl, since R found a pillow and asked us to split. Our half I think was pressed into too small a bag, and is a bit broken up and therefore its lifetime is shortened, so we have to be even more aggressive than usual about eating it up. I cleaned up about 2 cups of it for this pizza. The rest was per this previous edition, which I followed, but I didn’t really guesstimate quantities of cheeses well, so had over 6 oz of mozzarella (part-skim, a new Galbani loaf from Coscto) and about 2.8oz gorgonzola dolce.

I took a picture of the pizza as it came out of the oven b/c it looked kinda pretty with the snaky red onion pieces peeking through the cheese, before the arugula was put on top.

I was thinking of a rich chardonnay for this, but D was hesitant. R said “rose!” (they were working together on the upstairs floor for the studio) and D consented to that, not least, I expect, b/c, as he noted, we had one in the fridge. I can’t say it was a great wine, but pleasant and drinkable – Ananto, made with the Bobal grape, and bought for $9.50 at Wine Mine. We’ve had it before. Was also nothing special as a match for the pizza, but didn’t fight it.





What a great day! Pizza for lunch and dinner! We went to Cheese Board (and ATM) on our post office trip, in order to get some cheeses for sandwiches and pizzas for the near future, including today’s gorgonzola dolce. Their pizza of the day was an eggplant one, and I really didn’t remember ever having an eggplant pizza from CB before (though I believe I now remember that our friends B & C brought some over the night before our house was lifted up back in 2002).  But anyway: bought a half pizza for lunch.

Loved the pizza, especially the bites with eggplant, though D didn’t think it was “one of their better ones.” I thought it looked pretty cool before it was finish-cooked (5 mins at 400 in the toaster oven – we had to do this in stages, two pieces, then the other two).

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